Clarification and Updated Blog Post on Stanton Springs

In the blog post last night about the 87% loss on taxpayers’ money, we feel clarification is necessary.

  1.  The land for the parkway will be sold for $100,000.  JC Flex will sell the land to the 4CDA/JDA.  This is the same land JC Flex bought previously from 4CDA for $13,000 per acre or less.
  2. JDA will take $1,000,000 of its proceeds and put in escrow to build a parkway for the developer.  Members of the JDA say “they hope” they can build this parkway for less than $1,000,000.

The blog has been updated to make this information more clear.  We apologize for any confusion about the cost of land for the parkway and the parkway itself.



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One Response to Clarification and Updated Blog Post on Stanton Springs


    So with all the “no one can know” super secrecy surrounding everything JDA and their LLC cohorts are up to, how are we the taxpayers to know whether JDA and JC Flex are not working together as one investment group in this murky land development deal?

    Regardless what Steve Jordan crows, only a total imbecile or desperate seller unloads an investment at a near total loss and then pays an extra bundle of cash to assure the buyers complete satisfaction in the lop-sided deal.
    If this is strategic planning, then my name is Gene Trammell and I built a house in flood plain.

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