December 27, 2015

The continued lack of code enforcement at the junkyard on Hwy 83 S is concerning and gives people traveling into our county a bad first impression.

It appears that the proprietor of the junkyard, Sackie Seabourn, is determined to show the citizens of Jasper County he is going to do as he pleases, despite votes by both the P&Z Board and the BOC to deny his permits for a junkyard/salvage yard.

Shane Sealy, P&Z director, issued a letter to the property owner and talked to Mr. Seabourn, who according to Mr. Sealy, said he would have the vehicles moved off the property by 1/25/16 –45 days after the hearing denying the special use permit.

It seems Mr. Seabourn has made no attempt to comply with the ruling denying him a special use permit. Instead of moving the junk cars off the premises since the hearing, more junk vehicles appear to have been brought in.

Cars are now scattered out front of the business all along the Hwy 83 frontage. Along side Edwards Road, “I Buy Junk Cars” is advertised.

Below are “Before” (the hearing on December 7th) pictures and “After” (the final denial by the BOC) pictures. You decide if vehicles are being removed or added.

BEFORE the hearing and vote there were NO CARS IN FRONT of the business.

AFTER the hearing a vote:

122515 more cars in front122515 Cars in frontBEFORE the hearing:

093015 Cars in front

AFTER the hearing:

122515 cars between bldgs

BEFORE the hearing:

090415 Cars in weeds

AFTER the hearing:

122515 cars in backBEFORE the hearing:

093015 Cars in back

AFTER the hearing:

122515 more cars in back122515 on ramp & in back

As of 12/21/15, no citations had been issued, even though the BOC’s attorney said at the hearing that Mr. Seabourn and the property owner were out of compliance. This junkyard has been out of compliance since it started over 6 months ago, and no attempt was made to come into compliance.

If you come to a county and no codes are being enforced, why go to the trouble of doing things right?




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  1. Javapoppa says:

    Actually Sackie is doing the county a favor by helping to take these old wrecks off of the road before they are involved in an accident. Are there really that many complaints about his business or is this just a TWG crusade.

  2. lori gray says:

    there are two properties in my neighborhood (davis st/edison lane) that have been reported several times to code enforcement over last few years and obiviously have not had anything done…one has junk cars campers trash etc in yard and can be seen from hwy 212 looks so nice (not) for people coming thru our county or looking to move to this area and the second is a CONDEMNED(for several years) mobile home that us still the same as it was when condemned except a fence has been added..if you want to improve the appearance of our county take a little ride thru here and do something about the obvious disreguard for laws concerning this matter…i am sure if code enforcement or the board had to pass both these properties everyday in there neighborhood as i do something would be done

  3. Brad Perry says:

    In my opinion, I would think that with the failing local economy, and lack of businesses succeeding in Jasper, the officials would support small business, and work with this individual to bring in sales tax revenue, as well as some sort of business showing to be successful in the area. Why not send a team out to help Mr Seaborn get in compliance, within the local and state rules and regulations. With the proper fencing, organization, and planting, this could be a positive thing for the counties failing economy. It really disturbes me to see someone trying to make it in a field that they know and can be successful with, and be pushed away. Do you guys think that this could be part of the problem? Why not put fourth the effort and resources into helping the business get into compliance? I own a successful business in Newton County, and seeing posts like these makes me glad that I am where I am. I understand that there are rules, but in my opinion, these could have been made positive by PROMOTING business, not knocking a place down as soon as it gets started.

  4. Be Patient says:

    They are busy with the all important mail box inspections. There might me one more mailbox out there that has the numbers improperly affixed.

  5. Bob says:

    Welcome to Jasper County. It is probably not clear what a junk yard is. Maybe people are just parking their cars there while on vacation. It is like the unclear noise ordinance . You can’t enforce something that is unclear. Just because you see a few cars parked in the same place you can’t call it a junk yard. The PC police could fine you for offending someone. The laws need to be cleared up and people that are exempt put on a list to also to clear things up. Then you have to find someone to enforce codes. This could be a problem . It might not be clear who this would be. I heard someone is checking into it. Maybe they were checking into something else.

    • Ditto says:

      I don’t know who you are, but I like you! We think a like and appears we may have similar issues with the same folk looking into it. LOL. i feel your frustration! I was told once by an old man that grew up here, that “You are in Monticello now. We do what we want, not necessarily what we are suppose to do.” He was so right, God rest his soul!

  6. Alan Cox says:

    Come on, you know the answer to this one!!!!!!!!! Of course not, that has been proven over and over again.

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