January 3, 2016

 (Some Content in this blog may not be appropriate for persons under 18 years of age.)

The Planning & Zoning Board will have its hands full on Thursday, January 7 at 7:00PM.  Bennett Cove, a/k/a “the party house” on Hwy 212 W, has asked for a special use permit to operate an events venue.  You will be able to speak for or against this application at the meeting.  

Bennett Cove has been in operation for several years now without any permits at all.  They have weddings and other events; however, the night life at Bennett Cove is entirely another matter.  Many complaints have been filed with 911 and the Sheriff’s office by near-by residents having to endure loud music and other activities during the week-end, both day and night.

Bennett Cove seems to be the new place to be for out of county people looking for some wild night life.

New Year’s Eve was going to be a “drink all night” party until Code Enforcement and the Sheriff’s department got involved.

Bennett Cove New Years 2

Bennett Cove NYE Poster

The New Year’s Eve party didn’t happen, but it was only delayed until Friday, New Year’s night. 

The next big party will be this coming week-end with a “Netflix XX Lingerie Party.”

Bennett Cove Netflix XX Jan16

Other parties of this nature have been taking place at Bennett Cove.
These are two of the posters that have advertised Bennett Cove parties on the internet.

April 2015

Bennett Cove Playboy mansion

November 2015 

Bennett Cove Deer Festival

Wild parties, free liquor, all night music, and everything that goes with it has been going on at Bennett Cove, sponsored and attended by out of county people.  Now, more than 3 years after this venue has been in operation, a permit is being applied for. 

Attend the meeting Thursday at 7:00pm in the BOC meeting room to hear the request, listen to or make your comments, and to see the vote for the Bennett Cove “event venue.”




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  1. Jack says:

    Jasper County does not need this in this county. Jasper County needs to project a better image if they want to grow in the proper way

  2. Bob says:

    This is Jasper County. This might be why we have a junk yard and party houses here or Hwy 142 or where ever they want. The attitude of some is if you don’t like them move. Many things are unclear. If you want something done call and you might be told some one is checking on it or we are looking into it. Translated this means to me you are annoying. The party animals have rights too. When your dog howls from the unclear loud music ordinance you might be fined because this may be heard over the music that is unclear wheather it is loud or not. I think things might be different if one of these party houses was next to one of the people that have the authority to do something about it. This could clear up at least the unclear noise ordinances. You could always get drunk and join the party. I have been told in the past that if you see some one leaving this kind of place you suspect that are drunk call 911. I think they might be gone by the time someone checks it out. Someone told me that stopping people that are leaving a place of drinking is like shooting birds in a baited field. I think these birds could contribute a lot of much needed money to the county.

  3. Oh My says:

    This place sounds like Jasper County’s version of the Best Little Whore House. Geez I do not approve of this in my county! Go to Atlanta with this trash!

    • Tamekia Jones says:

      You all kill me with go to Atlanta with that trash.Jasper County is no better then Atlanta,you’ll people is the worst down there!!It’s not out of town people really it’s you’ll undercover kids who partying and you’ll want to blame other’s for them.

  4. Larry Nalls says:

    What does “everything that goes with it” mean?

    • Whut? says:

      That naive are we?

      • Larry Nalls says:

        No, I’m not naïve. I just think a vague comment such as “everything that goes with it” is presumptuous and inappropriate. I’ve never attended an event at Bennett Cove, so I don’t know what goes on. Based on the author’s statement in this TWG mailing, I can only assume they have attended these functions in order for them to be aware of what “everything that goes with it” means.

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