January 15, 2016

Zoning for special event centers in Jasper County

 Last night’s blog failed to insert the videos concerning the BOC and P&Z Administrator’s discussion of “special events” being added to the Jasper County Code.

The county attorney suggested he write a text amendment to the code.  This will mean more money for him, of course, and helping “special events” come to AG district in Jasper County.  This video has discussion between BOC and Shane Sealy about special events.

The following video shows the motion, more discussion, and vote to approve allowing county attorney to write a text amendment.

At the end of this video, Comm. Salmon once again tries to blame someone other board for the problems.  If you listen to him at each meeting you realize his goal is to perpetuate the idea that only this BOC—“the greatest board ever”– has ever solved any problems in Jasper County. 



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