January 29, 2016

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Paulding airport developer pulls out of bond payments, cites dispute with county

January 28, 2016 | Filed in: Airline industryairportDeltaHartsfield-Jackson.

 The bitter dispute over a plan to attract commercial airline flights to Paulding County’s tiny airport has encountered even more turbulence — and is now affecting payments on the county’s airport bonds.

The company that struck a deal to attract commercial airline flights to the Paulding County airport says it will stop making payments on the airport bonds, citing heated opposition from county commissioners to the airport commercialization plan.

That leaves it to the county to make the $401,140 bond payment due Feb. 1. Payments are due twice a year.

The company, Silver Comet Terminal Partners, run by Propeller Investments CEO Brett Smith, said it will not help with bond payments “until the County ceases its blatant interference,” but that Silver Comet remains committed to fully developing the airport.

It’s the latest political grenade to be thrown in a county where the plan announced in 2013 to attract airline flights has led to lawsuits, political infighting and discord among residents.

Through it all, the airport authority has soldiered forward on the airport commercialization plan, though it is now in limbo pendingan environmental assessment that sits in the hands of the Federal Aviation Administration.

Meanwhile, the airport commercialization plan has lost the support of a majority of county commissioners following a 2014 election that added opponents of the airport commercialization to the commission.

With a majority of commissioners now opposing the airport commercialization, the county has sued the airport authority, attempted to withdraw its application for commercial certification of the airport and voted out some members of the airport authority board.

Smith sent a letter to the Paulding airport director and chairman on Thursday saying the commissioners are interfering with the airport authority’s contractual obligation to seek commercial certification.

When the airport authority first issued the $3.6 million in bonds back in 2013 for taxiway work, some raised questions about the possibility of the expense coming back to taxpayers.

The bonds are backed by the county, but the airport authority struck a deal with Silver Comet Terminal Partners for Silver Comet to make the payments on the bonds.

Taxpayers are “probably not going to be real happy to know that the company the airport authority went into business with is not going to keep their commitments,” said commissioner Todd Pownall, who opposes the airport commercialization. “Maybe it’s because their investors are wanting them to back out.”

Paulding County commission chairman David Austin, who supports the airport commercialization, said the county has reserve funds to make the bond payment.

“I never dreamed it would come to this,” Austin said. “I’m just sort of tired of all this negativity.”

When asked whether paying the bonds from county funds might affect tax rates, he said, “It’s hard for me to say right now…. My recommendation would be that we back off all the negative that’s going towards the commercialization of the airport and let it take its normal course.”

Paulding airport director Blake Swafford, who helped engineer the airport commercialization plan, said Thursday: “I certainly understand why the folks from Silver Comet don’t want to make any more bond payments when the county continues to throw up every roadblock it possibly can.”

But Pownall said Silver Comet’s contract is not with the board of commissioners, but with the airport authority.

The airport authority does not have the means to pay the bonds, because it does not have revenue from commercial operations, Swafford said.

At the end of the day, who’s losing out is the taxpayer in Paulding County, because not only are they not getting the jobs and convenient air fare, but ultimately they’re having to pay the bills for not only the bond, but also all the attorneys for the airport authority and the county,” Swafford said.

When asked whether the airport authority might legally challenge Silver Comet’s non-payment, Swafford said: “I think it would be a very, very difficult case for the airport authority to try to sue them… I’m not even sure if the airport authority would pursue it,” he added.

When the bonds were issued in 2013, four out of the five commissioners at the time supported the airport commercialization.

“Now, of course, the situation has changed 180 degrees,” with three commissioners fighting the commercialization, Swafford said. “I certainly couldn’t have foreseen that drastic of a change. Certainly I don’t think Silver Comet could foresee that drastic of a change. The situation we’re in now is absolutely the worst-case scenario.”

Swafford said the airport authority still supports commercialization.

“We still think that it’s viable. We still think it’s going to be economically a good thing for us,” Swafford said.


No139Paulding 10 hours ago–
I hope the citizens remember that David Austin, David Carmichael, David Barnett, Tommie Graham, and Blake Swafford are who put us in this situation to begin with!  I believe the contracts with Silver Comet Terminals (Propeller) are between them and the Airport Authority, NOT the county.  The new commissioners are doing exactly what they were ELECTED to do.. REPRESENT THE PEOPLE WHO VOTED THEM INTO OFFICE.  Propeller needs to get the hint that it’s not the commissioners who are doing this.. it’s the PEOPLE.   What has Propeller accomplished in the almost 4 years they’ve been here? Nothing other than dividing our county.  We don’t want you here, Propeller!  GO HOME!  #GoHomePropeller


PaperboyAtl 11 hours ago–
This illustrates the potential for failure that has been created by the Georgia Supreme Court’s permissive rulings that negate long-standing taxpayer protections that exist in the Georgia Constitutions.  This deal was blessed by the Court just weeks before the Cobb stadium deal arrived. It follows the same template as the Braves stadium in  allowing the county and the  Airport Authority to cheat the people out of their Constitutional right to a referendum on debt by agreement in an Intergovernmental Agreement. It’s a travesty. Paulding is lucky in a way; the Cobb/Braves deal is $362 million.


No139Paulding 10 hours ago–
@PaperboyAtl – You hit the nail on the head!  The people of Paulding can thank David Austin, David Carmichael, & David Barnett for passing that Intergovernmental Agreement and taking ANY power away from the taxpayers, yet clinging to the taxpayers dollars!

Infraredguy 12 hours ago–
Paulding County taxpayers, bend over, your getting screwed by all your elected officials and their shell game of finger pointing



Citizens, be informed and stay informed!  Only by being informed can the citizens understand what is being done and talked about, and then press our officials to make good decisions for everyone in Jasper County.  That is our goal with the Taxdogs blog.



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