February 7, 2016

It appears “The Historian”, Comm. Carl Pennamon, has told Comm. Trammell and perhaps the rest of the BOC, that Jasper County quit installing driveway culverts around 2008Well, his memory was only off about 10 years!

It seems the County has no one that can retrieve previous ordinances or resolutions.

Here’s a copy of the ordinance that was adopted July 1, 1998 after a public hearing  on the matter.  The county has not been installing driveway culvert pipes for almost 20 years.  According to the discussion during the 2/1/16 BOC meeting, some of the county employees just “weren’t clear” on what to do, and didn’t know if they should install driveway culverts or not.  (Click on the ordinance to enlarge it.)


Comm. Trammell also had to get a plug in by implying the only time all 5 of these commissioners can get together and discuss anything is at their monthly 2 hour meeting. Has he never heard of work sessions to discuss issues and concerns?

Jasper County has 3 commissioners up for election this year.  Let’s elect the right folks who will best represent us!



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  1. Scrap Recovery says:

    We was told by county rd dept our roads would be paved over a 20 yr time, Seems some one has forgotten it also as its still dirt up north end of county

  2. Deluded says:

    Mr. Trammell said: “we don’t have a chance to sit down together, the five of us, and talk except in meetings ….”

    It is obvious to me that there is talk about issues other than in the meetings. These talks may be via e-mail, phone, or other communication methods.

    For example, during the Jan. 13 meeting, the board approved an architect to draw up a conceptual plan for the new senior center/recreation and possibly jail. When discussing this multi purpose building, jail has never been mentioned before. Not one of the commissioners questioned about the jail or what that exactly means. They all seem to already know the answer.

    Often there is little or no discussion on agenda items before a vote is taken. It appears that the commissioners had discussed items before the meeting and have reached a consensus.

    There is more discussion in our family about what to have for dinner than there is with the commissioners before voting on contracts and expenditures.

    The commissioners can sit together, all five of them, any time they want, as long as the public knows about it and are free to attend.

  3. Road Maintenance Ain't Rocket Science says:

    Perhaps if the BoC where as interested in road maintenance as they were at yukking it up at next ACCG conferences, the life of a culvert would be extended by proper road and ditch maintenance.

    Were these five commissioners to spend as much money on training Public works employees how to correctly operate road maintenance equipment as they do on planning more public debt and debt maintenance of so called economic development projects, Jasper County would have the best roads in the state.

    Understanding road maintenance is that not difficult if one searches for understanding. The internet has all sort of free training videos that will not cost the taxpayers a dime. So why do motor graders still not understand how to crown a road for water run-off or turn the motor grader blade to an angle which forces the road soil and gravel back onto the road instead of into the ditches where it clogs our culverts?

    Is it because roadwork is not as glamorous as lunching with bankers and economic development directors plotting the next multi-million dollar tax give-away?

    Maintenance of Gravel Roads

    • Road Maintenance Ain't Rocket Science says:

      Taking into account the collective attention span of the BoC (unless it’s focused on financing more public debt under the guise of economic development for the sole enrichment of their crony handlers), here’s another video, much shorter, demonstrating the proper technique for pulling a ditch.
      Again, proper road maintenance is not a glamorous as playing “Strategic Planner”, but part of the job of being a County Commissioner, just as much, maybe even more so.

  4. cheryl nowetner says:

    The only research these commissioner’s do is to figure out which one of them will tell the county manager to do research. These BOC members have one foot out the door when this have a meeting so they can do what they enjoy which is closed door decision making so no one ever finds out how incompetent they are!

  5. Mind Boggled says:

    It is generally the responsibility of the County Clerk to be the keeper of the Ordinances and to handle Open Records. Do we even have a County Clerk????

  6. Aiwa says:

    i have seen public works putting in driveway culverts recently. Ask them about a nice culvert they put in on Fellowship Rd. not too long ago. This says it could have been out of ignorance. It could have been for a buddy or a donor.

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