February 10, 2016

5 lawyers

 Back in October 2015 when it was revealed that JDA was going to sell their property for a big loss, TWG reported that money was due to Jasper County from taxes collected on property in Stanton Springs.   See STANTON SPRINGS-JDA SELLS LAND ANNUALLY. WHERE IS JASPER’S 10% SHARE?

 Since that time we have discovered that over $430,000 has been collected by Newton County on land sold to TPA/JC Flex over the past 10 years. None of this money has been distributed to the other 3 counties per the Four County Development Authority /Joint Development Authority agreement. 

 In defense of the Newton County tax commissioner, she didn’t realize that she was to pay out any money collected from JC Flex.   She told the JDA board that the Tax Commissioners in the 4 counties have never been included and know nothing about what JDA is doing; she asked that they start being informed. 

Watch this video where the Newton County Tax Commissioner  addresses the JDA at their January meeting.

A problem has developed in that the Newton County Tax Commissioner wants to give the other counties only the M&O money collected.  The other counties believe it should be ALL tax money collected—this would include the school taxes.

Listen to the following video which was filmed today at a Special Called meeting and work session of JDA at the Charlie Elliot Wildlife Center.  Speaking is Carl Pennamon (JDA member) and Andrea Gray (JDA Attorney).

Even though the agreement says ALL (and TWG does have a copy of that agreement), the taxpayers of each county are now going to pay their county attorney and the JDA attorney to sit down together on February 16 and discuss, “in their individual legal opinions”, what ALL means!

Why are the School Board attorneys for each county left out of this discussion?  The schools are the ones that will be missing out on the money if ALL doesn’t include those school taxes.




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  1. This dog don't hunt says:

    In my opinion, there exists a conflict of interest.

    Three of the five lawyers have ties to Newton County. JDA’s lawyer is located in Newton County, so is Jasper County’s lawyer and the New County lawyer clearly has an interest in Newton County.

    Instead of hiring five lawyers, why not hire just one lawyer that is located outside the interested counties. One that has no stake in the decision/outcome.


    “All” is such a problematic word with so many varied meanings that I doubt even an august body of legal minds such assembled can decipher all the hidden nuances that are possible with this mysterious word.

    “All” could be the dirty dishes left on the table for the tax servants to clean after the private club of bankers, lawyers and real estate developers have had their public paid, albeit private invitation only feast.

    “All” may also be legalese for the amount of money that the taxpayers will be charged for the magnificent meal that none attended.

    “All” will be the number of lawyers involved who personally profit from the great question of what is “All”.

    And, for sure, “All” will be also be the number of County Commissioners who allow this blatant shakedown of the taxpayers to go forward.

    Regardless the hidden meaning of the esoteric “All”, we can be certain that all the bill for ascertaining this elusive definition will be born by “All” we property tax payers.

  3. Blast From The Past says:

    This reminds me of the time that Francis Cason, God Rest His Soul, was trying to find out what “ANY” meant. I for the life of me can not remember the details of why he was asking everyone’s opinion on what “ANY” meant; but as active as he was in the county I suspect it was something similar.

  4. Just Sayin says:

    Just how deep does this JDA rabbit hole go? First, JDA plans to sell land at less than JDA paid for it, then JDA signs off on a billion dollars worth of bonds which, it seems, the public has been left in the dark about, also JDA never informs the tax commissioners about the tax revenue distributions to be paid to the other three counties, then JDA has to borrow money to stay afloat and now, the county attorneys will meet with the JDA attorney to decide what “ALL” means to decide tax revenue distributions. Sounds sorta like Bill Clinton’s what does “IS” mean. Really! Must be the never ending rabbit hole. BTW, where are the Walton, Newton, Morgan and Jasper County commissioners in all this? Is the secrecy to hide what resembles incompetence?

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