1.03 million-square-foot distribution warehouse developed by TPA Group LLC of Atlanta to come to Butts-Spalding area at I-75 and Hwy 16

February 11, 2016

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TPA Group LLC of Atlanta is the Four County Development Authority’s (JDA) “marketing partner” that has recently refused to use their option to buy land in the Stanton Springs business park.  It seems that TPA has been more interested in another area, not all that far away from Stanton Springs. 


According to an article in the Jackson Progress Argus, TPA Group will bring a Dollar General warehouse and distribution center to the Georgia Hwy 16 and I-75 intersection.  “On Jan. 21, paperwork was filed with the Georgia Department of Community Affairs seeking a review of Project Buffalo BTS as a development of regional impact. A DRI review is meant to give surrounding jurisdictions notice of large-scale projects that could impact their communities.”

Dollar General Distr

The article further states, “Dollar General would get a $1.2 million state grant for land and construction with a commitment to invest $85 million in the project and create 530 full-time jobs, according to a MOU approved by the development authority Thursday.”

The distribution center would be located on 150 acres off Jackson Road, near Interstate 75 and Ga. Highway 16.

According to documents approved Thursday by the Joint Development Authority of Butts and Spalding County, the authority would own the property and lease it to Dollar General.

Incentives include $1.2 million OneGeorgia Authority EDGE Fund grant, which is used when Georgia is competing with another state for a project, local incentives include up to $450,000 in utility extensions and $1 million in road work. The local MOU, between Dollar General and the development authority, states the Georgia Department of Transportation would also commit up to $500,000 in road work.

A sale of 150 acres in Stanton Springs would have kept the taxpayers of Jasper, Newton, Morgan and Walton counties from picking up the $1.3M loan with the Bank of Madison that was defaulted on by JDA. 

Fortunately for people in Jasper County, the distance to Stanton Springs (Ga Hwy 278 at I-20) and the coming Dollar General distribution warehouse (Ga Hwy 36 at I-75) is about the same. 

The project is expected to be completed by December 2017, and should contribute an estimated $1.2 million to Butts and Spalding county’s tax collections.

There are two articles in the Jackson Progress Argus.  You can read them here and here.



Citizens, be informed and stay informed!  Only by being informed can the citizens understand what is being done and talked about, and then press our officials to make good decisions for everyone in Jasper County.  That is our goal with the Taxdogs blog.



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3 Responses to 1.03 million-square-foot distribution warehouse developed by TPA Group LLC of Atlanta to come to Butts-Spalding area at I-75 and Hwy 16

  1. snigglefritz says:

    One has to ask. What is the JDA and the Development Authorities of Jasper, Newton, Walton and Morgan county doing for the taxpayers?

  2. No Taxation Without Representation says:

    The economic development racket has been very, very profitable for TPA, lawyers and bankers, but not so much for we the taxpayers. The only way the taxpayers are going to get fair shake in any of these so called “economic development” deals is to organize and hire a lawyer our own and engage the racketeers in the own game.

    If the taxpayers cannot elect representation due to influence of banking interests, then the only other recourse is to hire someone in an official capacity to represent the interests of taxpayers, because the Board of Commissioners and their Newton County lawyer are certainly not doing it.

    The County attorney has already informed us that he works for the Board of Commissioners who hired him and not the citizen that pays his hourly bills… is this clear enough?

    As a taxpaying resident, you have no elected or hired legal representation in Jasper County. The question now, is what to do about it.

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