March 10, 2016

 Monday night’s BOC meeting started with Commissioner Comments while Citizen Comments were moved to the end of the meeting.

 Comm. Salmon used this opportunity to speak on various subjects for approximately 7 minutes and to keep himself as the center of the commissioner’s attention as long as possible.  Watch the video with Salmon reading to the BOC from a John Steinbeck novel:

Comm. Trammell made a comment about putting Citizen Comments last because it just wasted time.   He said people had already contacted them (the BOC), so they were moving citizen comments to the end and moving on.

 It seems this BOC thinks citizens are only good for the tax dollars they provide.  Their opinions are not needed as the BOC has already made up their minds.



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  1. Jerry says:

    It doesn’t look like Trammell paid any more attention to Salmon than he does to the citizens. What exactly did this have to with the business of the meeting? It is a waste of time to listen to citizens, but this bumbling idiot is allowed all the time he wants.

  2. Nighty Night says:

    Is reading bedtime stories going to be a regular event at BOC meetings in the future?

  3. Sigh says:

    All I can say about Craig is “Bless His Heart” I reckon he just can’t help it.

  4. Shocked With Disgust says:

    I think Trammell said it all very clearly when he said our comments were a waste of his time. He is the worst excuse for a public official and I rate him right up there with Obama. Just in case you read this Gene, that is not a compliment!

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