March 17, 2016

Bennett Cove Ceremony

True to his word, Cecil Bennett continues to rent out his “cabin” at Bennett Cove despite the fact he is running a commercial business illegally in an agriculture district.  This property has not been zoned commercial, and no business license or health permits have been issued.

The Bennett Cove advertises itself as the “ideal place for an enchanted wedding.”

Bennett Cove Weddings

This past weekend (Saturday March 12th) a wedding was held at Bennett Cove.  The next morning there were 4 trash cans full of trash waiting to be picked up.  Neighbors listened to the music booming for several hours Saturday afternoon.

Bennett Cove Trash 3.13.16

It now appears anyone and everyone can now build a structure on their property, rent it out, and/or run any type of business they please.  If one person is allowed to do so without consequence, they everyone should be allowed to do so.



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17 Responses to IT’S PARTY TIME AGAIN!

  1. James says:

    Taxdogs the exaggerated comment about drunk drivers is bizarre! No DUI’s have been recorded or accidents near the cabin. No one is trespassing on others property. I’m a local Monticello resident & one of several who clean/landscape the property. The extra money help put food on my families table. If anyone has trespassed I’ve seen neighbors fishing in their lake many times. Not only that- I’ve witnessed with my own eyes a neighbor riding his 4 wheeler on Dr Bennetts property. I find it appalling that you’d even bring guns into the conversation. It appears to me Dr Bennett is given people the opportunity to have nice family oriented events. From what I heard at the meeting he is committed to working with the county/community, monitoring music closely & having only quality family gatherings for people of all ethnic backgrounds. S.Hansen food for thought…(The Bennetts don’t have to live there) Its there property- Its America-You can have more than 1 property if you choose to. He and his family stay there periodically. Does it bother you to not know when? I say leave the Bennetts alone and find something more constructive to do. Better yet, get to know him & his family and you will find at the root a generous person who loves Monticello & will even allow YOU to have your family event there.

    • taxdogs says:

      Sorry James, but 8 neighbors spoke on these issues at the public hearing–DUI, trespassing, profanity laced music throughout the night, and excessively loud music. We have video of each person that spoke and the P&Z has a tape of the meeting. TWG reported what we heard, and as was repeated many times–no citations doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. There were no citations at another venue in the county–it was finally shut down by the State ATF. You “heard” this and you”heard” that–if you don’t live next door, across the street, or any where nearby, you don’t have to put up with what these people put up with each weekend. Each and every person should be able to use their own property–renting it out to everyone and anyone isn’t “using your own property.”

    • Hansen says:

      James, food for thought for: I couldn’t care less who lives there if anyone. The fact of the matter which you and a few others can’t seem to get: every property owner has the legal right to enjoy their property as long as it doesn’t infringe on others enjoyment. The Bennett’s, nor the management offer no apology or show any remorse that they have violated this right. Neither the Bennett’s or the management, as far as I know, have even been present during these parties. Had they shown a little respect and consideration, none of this uproar would be happening. Shane Sealy (I’m assuming you know who this is) offered my phone# to Mrs Bennett back in December to see if hard feelings over the noise could be assuaged. I never heard from her, so how do I know they are great people? The only remorse Dr Bennett showed during the meeting was regret that the ads for the sleazy parties were associated with his name. Once again, if you don’t live near it, and you weren’t at the meeting, as far as I’m concerned, you don’t get an opinion. Done.

  2. Bman says:

    I don’t think it’s a zoning issue many are complaining about. Jealousy maybe? So when he sells his home, should he make sure he doesn’t make a profit? I mean, that’s business. Which many people nowadays have a hard time minding their own.

  3. Bob says:

    I don’t think everyone will be able to have any kind of a business that they want. It will probably pick and choose as usual. Same for enforcement.

  4. Tax Commissioner, Are You Listening? says:

    If Mr.Bennett’s commercial use of his property is going to be overlooked and he allowed to continue to profit from its commercial use, then why it is not zoned and therefore taxed as commercial property instead of the current A4-Agricultural zoning rate the owner enjoys ?

  5. The County of Crooked Priorities says:

    In Jasper County it’s illegal to run a quiet home based business on your property which harms no one, but blast vulgar music at a outrageously obnoxious volume all night and the ordinance against it is “vague”- Funny that!!

    Can you say dereliction of duty?

    Sec. 99. General standards for approval of special uses.
    Any use shown in the Table of Permitted Uses as requiring a special use permit in any district may be permitted after a hearing by the planning and zoning commission and approval of the board of
    commissioners. The hearing shall follow all procedures required in Sec. 92 above for zoning
    2. Does the proposed use adversely affect the existing use or usability of adjacent or nearby property?
    6. Are there other existing or changing conditions which, because of their impact on the public health,safety, morality and general welfare of the community, give supporting grounds for either approval or disapproval of the proposed use?

    Sec. 100. Enforcement.
    The duties related to administration and enforcement of this ordinance are hereby conferred upon the
    zoning administrator. It shall also be the duty and responsibility of each officer and employee of Jasper
    County and especially of each member of the police and fire departments to assist the zoning
    administrator by reporting any new construction and reconstruction of buildings, new land uses and
    apparent violations of this ordinance.

    Sec. 104. Violation and Penalties
    Any person, firm or corporation violating any provision of this ordinance or who shall fail to do anything
    required by this ordinance shall be deemed guilty of an offense and upon conviction in magistrate’s court
    shall be punished by fine of up to $500 or by confinement in the county jail as provided by law. Where
    any violation continues, each day’s continuance of a violation shall be considered a separate offense.

  6. Drsaid says:

    Maybe one of the neighbors should open themselves an all night shooting range to drown out the rap music. It’s their property don’t they have a right too? GUNS & RAP!!!

  7. Robb Leggett says:

    Loud music isn’t necessarily harm. As far as laws being broken it’s not the land owners responsibility to make sure the people renting obey the law. The Jasper County sheriff’s responsibility to be sure the laws are enforced.

    • Just wrong says:

      I understand what you are saying Robb, however, the loud booming music is a problem when you take into consideration where this problem is located. It is located in an agriculturally zoned area. Folks have livestock that are being stressed over this unnatural nuisance. Stressed livestock is not good under any circumstance! Livestock cost money, livestock makes the owners money. They are actually using their land per it’s zoning. Mr. Bennett is NOT utilizing his property per the way it is zoned. Therefore he is causing great harm to the surrounding land owners. That’s in addition to the laws that are being broken, that our sheriffs office is turning a blind eye to since they themselves have utilized his property for their own parties. Mr Bennett has the right to do this, but there are laws and ordnance’s that are not being followed and the number one reason is the area is not zoned for this type of business. Move it to an area where it is zoned, follow the laws, don’t allow his customers to break the law. No business owner is knowingly going to allow his customers to break the law without having it stopped. At least to be successful they wouldn’t. I would hope.

  8. Scott Harris says:

    Come on by Robb and you to can enjoy loud booming music every weekend. You can have your own party and don’t even need to hire a DJ. If you get about 50 or 60 acres away you may be out of luck.

    • Robb Leggett says:

      I’m just saying it’s the Jasper County Sheriff’s office who is responsible for enforcing the laws. It’s against the law to disturb the the peace. I’m saying that the Land owner should have the right to rent out his property for whatever he chooses as long as it is not for a dangerous purpose to the surrounding neighbors.
      If the renter’s are breaking the the law then the Jasper County sheriff’s office should do their job. Your anger is misdirected at the property owner!!! You should be upset with the law enforcement!!!!

  9. Robb Leggett says:

    Personally I believe you should be able to do that sort of thing on your own property. We pay extremely high taxes. We pay income tax, health insurance, which is ultimately a tax now because we have to purchase it or be fined. Approximately 40% of my Check is gone every week before I get it. Then we pay property tax which is also very expensive and then gas tax, and sales tax. All of this isn’t our local Government and I know that but we, all taxpaying citizens, should have the right to do as we please with the property we buy with the money we earn. If it is not causing harm to the people around us then why does it matter? Every way we turn we are taxed and charged!!! It’s my property!!!! Leave me alone and let me do as I please with my property!! I may need the extra money to pay all these dang taxes!!!

    • taxdogs says:

      If you were at the hearing, you would realize that it is harming people around them with drunk drivers, loud music all night, trespassing, etc. Other than that, yes, we should all be able to do what we want with our property.

    • S hansen says:

      Hey Rob, I invite you to join us some Saturday day and night. We’ll sit out here on our deck and listen to a DJ yell for hours and suffer through the boom boom bass of rap for hours. The Bennett’s don’t even live there. Now the word is out that you can do whatever you want in Jasper County, brace yourself. Your neighborhood could be next, and it won’t be long. Enjoy.

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