March 30, 2016


Below is the agenda posted for the work session this Thursday evening.  There are NO topics on it, so does that mean they can discuss anything they want??  Is this legal??


Open meetings law states: Agendas for meetings should be specific enough to advise the public of the matters expected to come before the agency. Matters outside of the agenda can be addressed if they were not anticipated before the meeting.”  O.C.G.A. § 50-14-1(d), (e)(1).



The Jasper County Board of Commissioners will have a

Work Session

Thursday, March 31, 2016

At 5:30 p.m.

In the Commissioner’s Meeting Room

Expect the Unexpected

As usual, the BOC wants to keep the public in the dark about what they plan to talk about at their work session.  There’s nothing on the agenda to give us hint.  And the agenda wasn’t posted until Tuesday evening, despite the fact they decided this last Thursday.  So why wait until 48 hours before the meeting to post the agenda? Because YOU, the citizen, are of no concern to these commissioners! By the way, Commissioners, a work session IS a meeting under open meetings laws, so the law must be followed.

Surprise them, and attend the work session!



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  1. Thomas McIntire says:

    The notion that the BOC doesn’t care about the taxpayer because they took a long time to post a meeting schedule is at best inflammatory and at worst just nutty. I appreciate a watchdog group working on the taxpayer’s behalf but please base these kinds of grave conclusions on matters that have at least a little gravity.

    • taxdogs says:

      Just a little naive, aren’t you? Not only are they required–by law–to post an agenda as far ahead of time as possible (up to 2 weeks) so the public can know, but they are also required–by law–to let us know WHAT they are going to be discussing. If they cared about what the citizens thought, they would be more than happy to be open and transparent with them and let them know as far in advance as possible exactly what they would be discussing in the meeting. With a paper that only comes out weekly, a Thursday evening meeting at 5:30 will be over by the time most people read the paper.

    • Ignorance Is A Self-Inflicted Maladay says:

      Mr. McIntire, your personal feeling does not displace reality. If you suffer from low information due to a lackadaisical interest in local government, that is fine, but please do not project your less than astute shortcomings on those of us who do.

      It easy to say that this BOC cares about the taxpayers if one has never investigated the lies, the half-truths , the obfuscation and the back room deals , all hallmarks of this BoC.

      Overlooking the fact that not including the items to be discussed on the agenda is in violation of Georgia law, the simple fact that we pay enormous amounts of our tax revenue to fund a fully staffed county manager’s office that is quite capable of producing an itemized agenda is a clear indication that something is up with this sneaky crew of back stabbing cronies.

      One can suffer from paranoia coupled with delusions of grandeur and still not negate the fact that government is rife with corruption. The local state and national news is a boiling cauldron of stories of so-called representatives of the people involved in all sorts of nefarious behavior for personal profit and power. Didn’t you know?

      If you don’t have the time to properly follow and understand the motives behind the agendas of those that control our public purse strings, therefore our future, please abstain from voting in the next election….for the greater good of us all. Your type has done enough damage

      • Thomas McIntire says:

        Thank you for your personal insults, but I am commenting on this blog. Not a litany of “half truths and back room deals” that were not addressed in this blog. The only thing addressed was that the BOC wrote an agenda 4 days late and because of this infraction, they were not working on the taxpayers behalf. I felt that the conclusion was grave compared to the infraction.

    • Gravity says:

      Click the link to see if what an individual says during these meetings

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