April 3, 2016

“We don’t have an agenda…..”  “Our retreat is coming up April 14th….”

Having NO agenda is illegal, which means the entire meeting was illegal. 

Their retreat is coming up April 14th, but has never been discussed in a BOC meeting.  So how did they decide to have an agenda, where to have it, and when to have it?  Oh, we all know—in the “before and after meetings” that the public isn’t privy to.

Watch this video and you will see that Trammell admits there is no agenda, and in fact, he never calls the meeting to order.

Trammell also admits that “they will get to rambling once they get up there” so who knows what will be discussed at the Retreat.

Trammell said he wanted “Jim” (Dove, Director of the NE Georgia Regional Commission, holding the retreat) to tell them about “Prospects for ongoing industrial development.”

This illegal work session lasted about 1 hour and 10 minutes.  At the end of the meeting roads were discussed and then Trammell said “since we never did call the meeting to order, we won’t adjourn it either.”  All this is so very funny to Trammell.  The more he thinks he can get by with, the more he does whatever he pleases.  Watch the video:

 At 2:20 on the video, Trammell again brings up he thinks they should all have an iPad or laptop—indicating at taxpayer’s expense, of course. He has one, and if the others want one, they should buy one with their $800+ a month the county pays them.

The BOC has another meeting on Monday, April 4 at 6:00PM.  Comm. Luke said he would not be there.  TWG urges you to attend to see what this BOC comes up with next.  Please try to attend this next meeting.


 Citizens, be informed and stay informed!  Only by being informed can the citizens understand what is being done and talked about, and then press our officials to make good decisions for everyone in Jasper County.  That is our goal with the Taxdogs blog.


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  1. Eddie Bones says:

    I wonder how many times the words illegal, violation of law, etc. have been used by the author of this blog and by commenters in the last 12 months? It sounds like we have lots of “Trouble in River City”.
    So much illegal activity, there must be lots of criminal cases and lawsuits, otherwise what’s the point of identifying illegal activity if nothing is done about it? Or maybe the point is just to get attention and stir the pot of anger and divisiveness?

    Please provide updates on those criminal cases and lawsuits.

    • taxdogs says:

      We sure would like to do something about it. Lawsuits cost money, as you should know. Would you be willing to donate to the cause to stop all this illegal activity?

    • They Walk Amongst Us says:

      “what’s the point of identifying illegal activity if nothing is done about it?”
      To even ask this question leads me to believe something is not functioning properly.

      “Before some audiences not even the possession of the exactest knowledge will make it easy for what we say to produce conviction. For argument based on knowledge implies instruction, and there are people whom one cannot instruct.”

  2. cheryl nowetner says:

    Anything to spend taxpayers money on THEMSELVES. I urge everyone NOT TO VOTE for an incumbent. We need people running our county that not only listen to their constituents but care about our county not padding their pockets with our hard earned money .

    • A Vote For The Lesser Evil says:

      As much as I’d like to agree with you, we tried the vote ‘em out tactic with Jack Bernard and look what we got; something much much worse and X100 more devious.
      Now I’m certainly no fan of Doug Luke, but his challenger is part and parcel of the same progressive,crony infected, devious churchian cult that Trammell belongs too. If we think one double dealing crony puppet on the BoC is bad juju, we should pray there are never two.

      Doug Luke should watch his back .The progressive churchian cult didn’t gain near absolute political power in Jasper County by opposing one another. Harrison is crony churchian cult ilk. Luke is not. Trammell will run with his pack and support Harrison. Harrison and Trammell are the two to beat in this race.Lets make it happen.

  3. NoMoreCountyDebt says:

    The Trammell administration engages in so much deceit and so often, it would be unwise for the Jasper County taxpayer to expect otherwise. If not for TWG and concerned citizens, the landfill would now be in the hand of outside interests. Think about that. Gene Trammell needs to be reigned in.He is out of control.

  4. Pay attention says:

    The taxpayers are paying commissioners (and occasionally the county attorney) to attend ACCG seminars and associated lodgings. I would like to know what the commissioners are learning when they attend ACCG meetings/conventions? As they say, you lead a horse to water…..

    A suggestion of topic for the retreat would be a refresher of rules and regulations that govern local government.

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