Candidate Forum

Please set aside Thursday, April 28th and plan to attend the candidate forum to be held at the Piedmont Community House on Smithboro Rd. 

Who’s invited?  Candidates with contested races and ALL citizens of the county.

District 3 BOC–Gene Trammell -confirmed
                            Ross Hays—confirmed

District 5 BOC–Doug Luke –confirmed
                           Roger Harrison –Unconfirmed

District 4 School Board–Wesley Sparks–confirmed
                                             Bill Schilling—confirmed

Magistrate Judge–Angela Steele–confirmed
                                    Bobby Jacobs–confirmed
                                    Tim Lam–confirmed

All questions will be asked from the citizens attending–no pre-screened questions. 

Don’t be an uniformed voter, and don’t be fooled by political talk and ads.  Come and ask questions to find what each candidate stands for and plans to do. 

This forum is being held by Citizens for a Clean Jasper County and the Taxpayer’s Watchdog Group.

It has been announced that the Monticello- Jasper County Chamber of Commerce is organizing an April 21 forum to be held from 7:00 – 8:30pm at the Courthouse in the Courtroom. 

 If you are not registered to vote, you have until April 26th to register.  Early voting starts on May 2nd with the election being held on May 24th. 

The May 24th election will decide the 4th District School Board seat and the Magistrate Judge position.  It will also decide the 5th District Commissioner seat unless someone runs as an Independent.





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