April 19,2016

James Gregory Head Shot

To: Jasper Co. Commissioners
From: James Gregory

Ref: Mike Benton and Jarrett Slocumb

First of all I appreciate the opportunity to work for Jasper County EMS. It is so important for rural counties to have a very good EMS.

I know that it was the plan to combine Fire and EMS but that is not an easy task. Most EMTs are in the profession and are not interested in or have time to pursue Fire training. I have found that most Fire based EMTs and Paramedics, have had little to no experience on an ambulance. This is the case with most cross trained medics. However it can be done when you have paid firemen to combine with. Jasper County only has Jarett Slocumb.
I have for the last 6 months tried to get Mike Benton to answer the question “who is in charge?” He would not answer the question. I have requested a meeting with at least 2 commissioners and this never happened. But, yet Mike Benton has had meetings with my paramedics and has listened to their ideas without my knowledge. I found out after their meetings that they met. The Chain of Command means nothing to Mr. Benton and Jarrett Slocumb.
Jarrett Slocumb has been insubordinate for the last year and on several occasions made the EMS employees feel they were working in a hostile workplace. One employee filed a hostile workplace complaint against Jarrett but Mr. Benton never acted on it. There were people in your county and that work with the State that warned me that Jarrett was like this, but I thought I knew Jarrett well enough to work together. I was definitely wrong! Jarrett has stated many times “This is a Fire Dept. Not an EMS”.

When Jarrett moved into the new offices (on a weekend), he cut off our phone and internet and moved them to the new offices. When I went to move in my office, Jarett had already made it a storage room! He told me if I did not like it that I could carry myself back to the other side. I DID! We tried to hook up the internet wireless but it will only pickup if conditions are good. With no steady or good internet, EMS could NOT send the Patient Care Reports to the EMS Billing office, this delayed billing and money that needed to be collected. I could not operate without these services and neither could my medics trying to send the reports to billing.
This is why I resigned my position yesterday and think it is impossible for your Emergency Services to progress under the current Fire Chief. You will upset their Social Club!

Jasper County deserves a whole lot better than the current Manager and Fire Chief.
Again thanks for the opportunity to try and serve Jasper County Citizens.

James Gregory

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  1. Samthemanwithnoplan says:

    More would come back if we didn’t pay some of the lowest wages! Paramedics making 12 here is insane when they can go to other areas and make 22+

  2. richard says:

    from the blog, Oct 13, 2013: “The citizens can only hope that the County Manager and BOC follow one piece of advice given by the EMS committee’s presentation—“Put someone in charge and make sure they are IN CHARGE.” It appears that after 32 years, Mr. Gregory should know how to run the department if he is allowed to.” key words if allowed to!

  3. Karma says:

    I find it interesting that all the snakes have turned on each other, they were thick as thieves when they were first came together, out eating lunch together and taunting the blog about some of the posts, now because things didn’t go the way they wanted and their head snake (Karen Degges) got what was coming to her James all of the sudden wants to use the blog to bash Jarrett, after all of the people he did wrong and allowed Debra to do wrong I can only say karma always circles, so good riddance hopefully Debra will be right behind you.

  4. Aiwa says:

    Anyone that has worked for JCEMS knows of the attitudes. What we need to see is a letter from Jaret Slocumb titled How I sabotaged every EMS director in Jasper County.

  5. I feel your pain says:

    Is anything FUNCTIONAL in this county?? Apparently not.

  6. That firefighter/EMT says:

    These are nothing but excuses and the only reason he couldn’t get firefighter/emt’s is because he ran them off or fired them unjustly, again with false accusations of complaints against them with no paper work to back up such claims. And when requested to produce said paper work he was unable to do so. There’s also the case of the EMT he fired shortly after said EMT’s wife posted a comment about her daughter having an allergic reaction and station 1 not having an ambulance staffed to run the call. Bottom line is this guy was and is a joke, and multiple people that left during his tenure are now willing to return to protect the citizens of Jasper County.

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