April 25, 2016

Your new tax burden

Your new tax burden

Have you received your new property value assessment?  How much did it go up this year?  How much did it go up last year?  How much more property tax are you paying compared to the property tax you paid in 2013? How much more are we going to have to pay this year?  Even if the millage stays the same, the BOC and Board of Education will bring in more taxes because of the value increases.

Attend the candidate forum Thursday night, April 28, at 7:00PM and ask questions about these issues and more.  It will be held at the Piedmont Fire Station and Community House located at the corner of Smithboro Rd. and Hwy 212 E.  (This is about 7 miles from the Square.)

You can also appeal those new valuations as a way to stop property tax increases.

Here is a chart showing the past 5 years of property values, county taxes levied, and percentage increase in those taxes.  (This does NOT include School taxes.)

5 yr history

As values went down and down during 2010-2012 on this chart, taxes were not raised and the budget was contained.  Values leveled off in 2013 and started back up.  But even though values have kept going up, this current BOC has also raised the millage rate giving us a double whammy in property taxesOver the past 3 years we’ve had a 20% rise in taxes and a 25% increase in the budget. 

Prop Value Up


Property values started up in 2014.  The overall increase in values from 2014 to 2015 was 6%, and according to the new figures, which are reflected on our recently received assessments, values increased again another 7% for our 2016 tax bills.


Now you may be lucky. Maybe your value didn’t increase both years, or maybe your property value doubled.  The 7% increase this year is the “overall average” of all the property in the county.

It seems to fall on deaf ears when talking to our Board of Commissioners or School Board members about their increasing budgets.  Our commissioners in particular seem to vote to spend money on something at every meeting, and what is even worse, they have doubled the county debt over the past 2 years because instead of paying for the things they buy, they are using financing to buy more and more—including Sheriff’s cars, Public Works equipment, and even SPLOST purchases. 

The current budget requests for the year starting 7/1/16 are up another one million dollars (another 10% increase). 

As a last resort to get the BOC’s attention, an appeal of our property values seems to be the only thing we can do to stop the tax increases, since our BOC won’t stop increasing the budget and won’t lower the millage rate.  Citizens have the right to protest their property assessments for value and/or uniformity—which means your value is different from other similar properties.  You have until May 31, 2016 to file an appeal.  You can file a protest by filing out this appeal form and mailing it or turning it in to the Board of Assessors. 

However, the real problem is the BOC doesn’t seem to understand or care that people are being over-taxed and under-served as they continue to raise taxes by increasing the county budget and the millage rate year after year.  If enough people protest their values, maybe we will get their attention to lower our taxes since they don’t seem to listen to pleas to cut waste and abuse (including theft) or anything else the citizens have to say. 

You can download the appeals form, the complete 5 year history, and a citizens property guide from www.taxdogs.com

The one thing everyone must do is call or email all the Commissioners and remind them that they fulfilled all the departments’ wants and needs last year.  The budget should not increase again, and in fact if the Commissioners did their fiduciary duty, a reduction in taxes could be achieved and the millage rate would be lowered.



 Citizens, be informed and stay informed!  Only by being informed can the citizens understand what is being done and talked about, and then press our officials to make good decisions for everyone in Jasper County.  That is our goal with the Taxdogs blog.



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  1. We need more bang for our buck says:

    Not only do our taxes keep increasing but has anyone seen anything more for those increases? I have not. If the taxpayers were actually being given something more in return for paying more it may not be so upsetting. Am I right or wrong? Bring new business in with a ridiculous amount of tax relief and then baling out before it comes to something good for us does not work for me a taxpayer.

  2. Who's Looking Out For You? says:

    The problem is the taxpayers of Jasper County have no representation. Our county Board of Commissioners have discarded their duty as trustees of the power of the people in favor of the ludicrous fantasy that they are now wise investment bankers, even though none have any success at running any sort of business of there own. They went from corporate employees, to wannabee builders of grandiose empires, using other peoples money, of course.And when they fail, and ignorant risk takers always do, it will be your money that is lost,because the BoC has none of it’s own.
    What this means is that if you want your voice heard in County business concerning the pilfering of your tax dollars, you should consider standing up for yourself, because no member of the BoC will.

  3. Stop the tax increases says:

    With home values rising by an average of 7%, the commissioners should reduce the millage rate by 7%.

    This would give the county the same amount of money raised last fiscal year. I see no reason why the commissioners keep raising the budget, and in turn taxes, each year.

    Social security recipients have been getting a cost of living adjustment of less than 2% a year for the past few years. Yet, the county budgets increased more then 7% each year the past 3 years. That is not sustainable for seniors.

    One can only hope that the commissioners will find it in their heart to consider seniors living on social security and already struggling to pay the taxes on their homes.

    I do not believe higher taxes are conducive to convincing people to move to Jasper County.

  4. Reign In The RINOs says:

    Expect no tax reprieve. The BoC cannot serve two masters. They have a mandate from their false god “Smart Growth” or more precise,the public debt pimps that serve the smart growth demon. The taxpayer be damned.

    More plans to bribe dubious industry to relocate to Jasper County by pledging millions more of our hard-earned dollars are now in the EDA pipeline. Do the math. The Jasper County taxpayers cannot continue to guarantee millions of dollars in bonds and tax subsidies year after year and expect our tax debt not to increase.

    As long as we allow the elected tools of crony capitalism, to “invest” our tax money in avarice driven corporate welfare schemes, our taxes will continue to rise, year after year, until the only recourse left for the county is to be taken into receivership under Chapter Nine in US bankruptcy court. The “Smart Growth” public debt pimps could care less. They get paid whether the taxpayer wins, loose or draw.

    Keep this in mind when you go to the polls in the next election. The candidates spouting the empty albeit deceptive slogans Smart Growth, Forward, and We’ve Got To Grow are not servants of the greater good, but the deceitful spawn of special interests and will lead this county into an era of financial ruin.

    We get what we allow.

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