May 1, 2016

Govt Waste


Tomorrow night Lynn Bentley, Board of Assessors Chief Appraiser, will be going over and explaining the new, “updated”, higher valued tax digest during the 5PM work session (according to the discussion at the 4/27/16 budget meeting).  This new, higher valued digest gives the BOC the opportunity to bring in more taxes if they raise the millage rate or not.  In fact, the 2016 preliminary tax digest has taxable values increasing over $25 million. 

$25,000,000 multiplied by the current millage rate would bring in an additional $436,150 or equivalent to a 1.2 mil increase. But hey, that is not near enough, because remember last year during the budget, Gene Trammell said, “It takes money to make a difference.”  This year the departments are asking for another $1,000,000 increase in the budget.

Last year Trammell also praised Karen Degges, but at the budget hearing last Wednesday, everything that was wrong seemed to be Karen’s fault.  Funny how that works; last year during the budget process, everything wrong was Lorri Smith’s fault.

This year the departments are asking for another $1,000,000 increase in the budget.  Just a glimpse at the budget requests shows every department wants another increase except Probate Court (no change), Tax Assessors (slightly down), Animal Control (down), Emergency Management (down because Melissa Slocumb has left), and Recreation (down because director stepped down).

EMS/Fire tops the list with a $294,000 requested increase, which includes another ambulance.  This BOC has already purchased 2 new ambulances, and can hardly keep them both staffed.  There are 4 ambulances now, and it is our understanding that one is a stand-by ambulance.

Next the Sheriff is requesting another $221,000 increase which includes 5 more new cars. 

Public Works wants almost $59,000 more.  Debt service will increase $48,000.  County extension wants a $37,000.  Clerk of Courts wants another $10,400 and Magistrate wants another $16,700—maybe for the Solicitor that has been hired for this court without any approval by the BOC.

TWG will post the budget requests and any changes as the process progresses.

Other items on the agenda for the Regular meeting that starts at 6:00PM—

  1. Approval Alcohol License – Bear Creek Marina (Retail and Pouring)
  2. Tax Assessors Board Appointment
  3. JCWSA Board Appointment
  4. Request for Matching Funds for Computer Replacement– County Extension
  5. 3rdQuarter Financial Report – Finance

 If you don’t want to see another tax increase, you MUST contact the commissioners. 

Remember what Carl Pennamon said last year, “Citizens are either not concerned about the taxes or they are pleased with the taxes. If they were concerned, someone would be here speaking up.”


Be Informed!  Pass this on to others and keep them informed too!


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  1. Taxpayers Need To Stand Together And Demand Fiscal Responsibilty says:

    Gene Trammell told the audience assembled last Thursday at the Candidate forum at Smithboro Fire Station that David Dyer Was working on six or seven more economic development projects for the taxpayers of Jasper County to guarantee.

    How much more private debt can the Jasper County taxpayers bear before we wake up and realize that no one on the BoC really knows what they hell they are doing. They are not investment bankers and should not be allowed to play at such, especially with our tax money.

    No member of the BoC has ever created or built any successful business, so why do we assume when it comes to guaranteeing our tax dollars to fund one of David Dyer or Steve Jordan’s economic development schemes, they understand even the basic fundamentals of capital investment? Would you trust any of these bumbling characters with your personal bank account? Then why trust them with investing your tax dollars?

    The BoC already shown themselves to be incompetent at managing budget affairs in the past, and so far nothing has changed. The taxpayers need to demand a moratorium on all Department spending and a return to fiscal responsibly. It is time the adults took the credit cards away from the children and force them to accept responsibility for the job they swore an oath to perform. Government is not a business; it is a service and should be run as such.

    If David Dyer, Rusty Bullard, Steve Jordan, Gene Trammell and the rest of the Smart Growth we- know-best- for-Jasper County economic development gang want to invest in relocating industry to Jasper County, they should found an investment bank and leave the taxpayers of Jasper County out of their risky investment schemes.

    Economic development is always a risk free sure thing, until it isn’t, right?


    “Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfills the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things.”
    Winston Churchill

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