May 13, 2016

Almost daily the deal makers– two commissioners—Pennamon and Trammell—and economic development director, David Dyer meet.

DD-GT-CP-3- 05.13.16

David Dyer makes $65,000 per year plus expenses plus mileage and sometimes a bonus as Jasper County’s Economic Development Director.  It seems he spends most of his time with Trammell and Pennamon. 

DD-GT-CP 05.13.16

Gene Trammell has said in regular BOC meetings and at both candidate forums that David Dyer has 6 or 7 deals in the works.  You know, businesses coming to Jasper County to bring us jobs and “growth.”  But these businesses only come if the taxpayers back millions in bonds or put up 10 years of property tax abatements or put up half-a-million dollars in SPLOST money or all these incentives.

The taxpayers keep paying higher property taxes while supporting the economic development director and the deals “The 3” bring to Jasper County. 

For real insight into the “deals” and what they mean for local and state taxpayers, read “How Local Taxpayers Bankroll Corporations,” a NY Times article:

Georgia spends at least $1.4 Billion per year on incentive programs. Remember that while you are paying gas tax, sales tax, property tax, tag taxes, and more to the State.  In addition, the counties give away who knows how much in property taxes, general fund money, and SPLOST money for incentives.  It’s called “progress” y’all, progress!



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  1. Why Run A Government , When Playing Investment Banker Is More Fun? says:

    Oh, come now. After two hundred years of government by local hayseed, the sleepy rural community of Jasper Country, according to Gene Trammell, is finally “poised “to move “Forward” and join the ranks of great urban centers of “Smart Growth” industry. You want to move Forward, don’t you?

    As dear leader Trammell often says. Jasper County is a “diamond in the rough”, which taken literally means you backwards lumps of coal need to be shown “just how it’s done.” Strategic planning is the golden calf , and who better, more brilliant and magnificently successful to lead we the timorous taxpayer in worship of the Smart Growth idol than the truculent trio of DupUs Dyer, Trickster Trammell and their trusty hand puppet, Pusillanimous Pennamon?

    Remember back when Newton County builder turned Jasper County Zoning committee member Ray Gardner came to town and was riding around with a certain former Newton County bankster waving at all the proles , proclaiming his intentions of showing us po’, ne’re-do-wells just “how it’s done?”

    Well, long story short, Ray crashed and his fiscal house burned to the ground, demonstrating in sooth that Ray hadn’t a clue how it was to be done. But, the We-Know-Best,Trick and Phony Strategic Planning show must go on.

    So, fear not, O’ ye of little blind ambition, your redemption is nigh! Just because the recycled Newton County banker nearly blew up his local bank with fiscally reckless lending practices, thereby invoking an FDIC investigation, there is no cause to think that under his failed leadership the trio of Dyer ,Trammell and Pennamon would make the same pudden-headed lending mistakes.

    Think about it. DupUs Dyer, Trickster Trammell and Pusillanimous Pennamon under the tutelage of Dweeb Jerkins operating a private investment bank funded by Jasper County taxpayer money…what could possibly go wrong?

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