May 17, 2016

Angie Steele

It’s been rumored repeatedly for over a month that Angie Steele will appoint Ken Jackson as her assistant Magistrate if she wins the election next week.  This is after she stated at the candidate forum that Ken “was not in the office a lot.”



Ken Jackson 091014 Umpire.PAC.MidSchSoftballA lot, meaning, hardly ever.  Between working as juvenile defense attorney in the mornings in the judicial circuit and playing ball in the afternoons after lunch, it was hard for him to be in the office.  However, every week Ken Jackson swore that he worked 40 hours and a notary in Dan Jordan’s office was required to sign the affidavit so Ken could get a nice check from the taxpayers.


After Ken Jackson abandoned the office of Chief Magistrate to become a teacher and coach two years ago, citizens were not allowed to vote for a new Magistrate at that time.  Ken became “part time Chief Magistrate.”

There is controversy over conflicts of interest between the Sheriff’s Department with Angie’s husband, Mike Steele, being the supervisor over the deputies.  Ms. Steele has defended herself stating that the JQC (Judicial Qualifications Commission) has reviewed the circumstances and has found “absolutely no conflict of interest.”  However JQC Opinion #235 (September 2006) discusses conflicts with a judge and the witnesses (deputies) who are supervised by the judge’s spouse. 

Citizens have the right to know if there is a conflict of not.  If Ms. Steele has anything in writing from JQC, she should share it and TWG will be glad to post it, clearing up the “conflict” matter.  We also have the right to know if Angie Steele plans to appoint Ken Jackson as an associate Magistrate Judge. 

What say ye, Angie Steele? Please give us a heads up before the election on May 24th.


Be informed!  Get involved!  Please–Pass this on to your neighbors and friends.  Your comments are welcome!


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  1. joe328 says:

    After I moved to Jasper County 13 yrs ago, I was told it was a good ole boys county. It was run by the ones that had a lot of money in this county.. After living here & seeing it for myself, I totally agree with what everyone here has said. Elected officials need to have a higher standard & be evaluated for their job performances. Our property taxes keep going up & we’re getting less & less from the people running this County who are abusing the system. It’s a waste of our tax dollars. I can see why no one wants to move to Jasper County. You pay more & get less. The same people are still running this County. Jasper County really needs to be Audited & re-evaluated. The ones not doing their jobs at our expense need to be fired.

  2. Phillip says:

    Example….. Shouldn’t an elected official be an example for the community and for the future generation? How can we expect Angie Steele to manage anything correctly when she can’t even manage her personal finances? 3 evictions/forclosures????? REALLY? How can we believe Angie will clock her hours correctly and manage finances of the Magistrate’s Office when she has double dipped for years, billing hours as an Assiciate Magistrate all the while being paid by the Clerk’s Office for her “full time” job? We all know she doesn’t have that many hours in a day. I’m tired of the scheming that we see going on in Jasper County. We need to hold our elected officials to a higher standard. They need to be setting the example that we want our children to emulate!
    Let’s make smart decisions this go around at the polls!

  3. what a tangled 2 says:

    Did no one pick up on it when she said that she was doing her job as Clerk and his job as Magistrate? If she can do both jobs, then why does she feel that this needs to be a full time position? From her own words!

  4. What A Tangled Trio says:

    Could the real reason behind the Clerk of the Court’s fervent support for Magistrate candidate Angie Steele be entirely motivated by a surreptitious desire to create a position for his vacation buddy that allows him to continue to feed at the taxpayer trough?
    Nah…couldn’t be.

  5. Jerry says:

    Aww, come on taxdogs. Angie Steele has no say in this. Dan Jordan tells her what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. She has watched all sorts of things go on and known Jackson was getting paid for doing nothing for years. Dan Jordan has always run the magistrate office and will continue to do that as long as he can keep his puppets in office.

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