May 18, 2016

At the budget meeting Monday night, Comm. Luke made the case for cutting the budget and property taxes.  Watch this video:

“Not everyone thinks the value increase is warranted, me included.”—Doug Luke

“They must go through the appeals process.  File an appeal.”—Carl Pennamon said as he flung his hands in the air.

“Lynn [Bentley] is not voted on, we are.  I’m telling you because if she was, she’d be in trouble right now.  Big Time!”—Doug Luke

“We have to do all we can do to help the people that are hurting because people are hurting.”  –-Doug Luke

“I’m going to defend Lynn.”  –Gene Trammell (as he sat through Doug Luke’s comments with his head in his hand.)  Trammell then defended her by saying the values had to be at 40%.  The law says—“The standard for the level of assessment for all classes of property will be in compliance with the Code if values are greater than 36% and lower than 44%.”  Would Jasper County’s values still comply if they had not been raised again this year?

Gene Trammell likes spending money and has pushed higher budgets each year he has been in office.  Doug Luke seems to have finally had enough.  Trammell has been good about cutting off the other commissioners and trying to get his way with issues; however, Doug Luke seems to be willing to stand his ground this time.  Call Doug Luke and encourage him to keep pushing to cut the budget and cut the millage rate! 

Instead of having the next budget meeting as scheduled, Tuesday 5/17/16 at 6:00PM, the BOC decided to move it to tonight, 5/18/16 at 6:00PM.  Even though, the BOC won’t let the public question or comment on anything on the budget, it is obvious that people are calling these Commissioners, and need to continue to do so.  Click here for their phone numbers.


Citizens, be informed and stay informed!  Only by being informed can the citizens understand what is being done and talked about, and then press our officials to make good decisions for everyone in Jasper County.  That is our goal with the Taxdogs blog.



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  1. Who's Looking Out For Us ? says:

    People are financially hurting. Real wages have been stagnating for 40 years and the nation is in a full-blown depression, yet the tax assessor’s office seeks to justify raising property values, based on a handful of high-end buyers, yet ignores an equal or more number of properties that undersold the fair market value.

    Couple that with Trammell the rainmaker wanting to raise the millage rate, again, and one begins to seriously ponder just who in the hell the people we hire to administer County business are really working for? It is definitely not the Jasper County property owner.

    The Humungous Depression
    The US economy has been losing altitude for sixteen years. While debt monetization and interest rate suppression have fueled housing and equity booms, they can’t mask the underlying deterioration. President Obama will be the first president to have presided over an economy that never achieves 3 percent annual growth. That’s by government figures, which must be taken with a shaker of salt. Employment statistics are especially dubious. To the public, they are right behind the stock market as an economic indicator. They are subject to a variety of pertinent criticisms, including their seasonal adjustments and the birth-death model of new business formation, which continues to add to employment although, sadly, more businesses are currently dying than are being born. The government also has a vested interest in understating inflation. Many of the benefits it pays are indexed to inflation, and interest rates on government debt incorporate an inflation premium. Understating inflation overstates the growth of real GDP, probably third on the list of statistics to which the public pays attention.

  2. Jamie Ezell says:

    It’s the spending, not the assessments… Bentley is doing her job. If the commissioners would do theirs, they wouldn’t need to bash an employee in a public forum to make themselves look better.

  3. Finally got it right Doug says:

    How amazing Trammel is able to quote the law about this but when it comes to them meeting outside of the public eye the law is insignificant, the devil is really out deceiving, kudos to Doug Luke for at least realizing his job is to listen to the people of the county and try to minimize our hardship.

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