June 4, 2016

That dad-gum TWG is just a bunch of liars according to Chairman Gene Trammell and Comm. Craig Salmon.  Just ask these two.  TWG just makes stuff up and the videos are all out of context….so they say.

TWG reported that the BOC voted to pass the FY17 budget and the millage rate illegally on 5/23/16 because they did not allow any public input nor did they advertise properly.  (That old State Law got in the way of this BOC doing what they want, when they want, and how they want.)

Chairman Gene Trammell answered that report in a 5/31/16 email and said, “I do not understand why you persist in reporting half truth and pure lies. We did not vote to advertise a budget, we voted on a millage rate that we could live with.”

If they BOC already voted on a millage rate, then why are they advertising a “proposed” millage rate to be voted on June 23, 2016 –AFTER public hearings on June 13, 2016? 

Notice FY17 Ad

 In fact, there are all sorts of ads about the “proposed” FY17 budget, the “proposed” millage rate, and the public hearings in this week’s Monticello News.  It must be because they decided they actually did have to follow the law to have a legal budget.

Just wondering when the BOC met to vote on when the public hearing would be and on agreeing to place the ads in the paper.  This must have been decided by Trammell and Pennamon at one of their daily meetings, because it surely wasn’t in a public meeting.

Questioning ManDon’t you just hate it when someone has to call you a liar to try to cover up something?  Commissioners, if you didn’t vote on the millage rate and the FY17 budget on 5/23/16 as the videos show you did, just what do you think you voted on?









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  1. The video is unambiguous says:

    I would love to hear from the commissioners just what they think they voted on. I predict we will hear silence for a while, and then they will find someone on whom to blame this SNAFU.

    If ACCG is looking for some topics for their next training session, I recommend a lesson on the laws with emphasis on open government.

    Some of these commissioners think they are emperors. They are not interested in what the public has to say. Nothing will change until we elect someone different.

    • Its Who Detemines The Choices That Controls The Outcome says:

      As long as those who profit from the financialization of the public process continue to influence not only those elected, but also choose the candidates themselves, the choices for local reform will always be severely limited regardless the popular vote.

      Until the self-serving influence of certain local banking interests is addressed as the driving influence behind Jasper County’s growing public debt crisis, you can vote until your blue in the face, but as long as the debt mongers control the majority vote on the BoC you can expect more of the same until their debt founded edifice crashes in a heap of smoke and ruin.

      The first step in solving a problem is identifying its source.
      And, public debt for the sole sake of corporate gain is the problem.

      Deal with it or not. The choice is up to us.

  2. David M. Sheppard says:

    Amazing- clearly a few members of the BOC think they are above the laws governing their actions. I see now why there is a real need for every action to be video recorded if nothing else to help the powerful be held accountable. If they would simply follow the rules and laws by which they have been trained we will all be better off. Much like a child being put in TIME OUT, it may be time for some of the group to be put there when its time to go to the voting booth. Thank you WDG for all you do for the Citizens of the great County.

  3. If The Shoe Fits... says:

    I’ll take compulsive liar for a $100, Alex.

    Compulsive Liars

    Compulsive liars are defined as someone who continually lies from sheer habit. Lying tends to be their normal manner of responding to any questions from others.

    These individuals will always bend the truth, regardless of how small or large the question is. For these individuals, telling the truth doesn’t feel right. They are uncomfortable whenever they tell the truth, while lying makes them feel right.

    Compulsive lying is often thought to manifest during childhood, due to being put into situations and environments where lying became a necessity. Most of the time, compulsive liars aren’t cunning or manipulative, rather they only lie because it has become such a habit for them.

    This automatic response is more difficult to break. It can end up taking its toll on being able to maintain a relationship. Many people also call these individuals pathological liars or habitual liars, but they all mean the same thing.

  4. cheryl nowetner says:

    Don’t ya just hate it when you get caught with your hands in the cookie jar stealing that one last cookie then you tell lie after lie and try to pin it on someone else? Time for everyone to wake up and smell the coffee! The majority of the BOC does everything behind closed doors and votes in secret so they think since they are in power they can do anything they want and to hell with what the citizens want. Remember Gene Trammell said in a public hearing ” he does what he feels is right ” I guess he forgot he was elected to serve the people of his district not his personal wants.

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