June 12, 2016

Audit ReportThe audit presentation was all “good news” according to the auditor, but that was because the auditor and the commissioners had all met privately in meetings before the presentation.  These private meetings are where the details and the questions were handled, so none of those issues were talked about in the public meeting.

As soon as we have time to go through the audit and review it page by page, we will give you more details.  Until then, here are videos from the presentation:

FY 2015 audit general fund revenues:

FY 2015 audit general fund spending:

FY 2015 audit general fund balance:

The million dollar increase in FY 2015 fund balance would equate roughly to three mils of taxes. If the budget had been calculated properly, the taxes would have been lower that year. If it was an intentional decision to pad the budget, then why?  What future use of fund balance does this BOC have in mind?

Could the future use of fund balance be a building at the Recreation Dep’t?

Is it coincidental or was the auditor told to “explain” how to use the fund balance for a building when he was in the private meeting with commissioners?  Comm. Trammell has long pushed a multi-million dollar building at the Rec Department.  He says it is so Sheriff Pope can continue to expand and move into the Senior Center.  Citizens voted on a $300,000 building in SPLOST 2012, not a million dollar or multi-million dollar building.

 FY 2015 audit “negative report” on planning and zoning

Once again the missing money, and most likely more than was found in the FY14 audit, was revealed in the FY15 audit.  Money was missing from Animal Control, but remember, Animal Control is under Planning & Zoning.

More to follow when the 150+ page audit is reviewed.


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  1. Do The Right Thing For Once says:

    “The county now has the opportunity to do other things with the fund balance now that you have grown the fund balance significantly..”

    Here is an “other” thing you, the Board of Commissioners can do. Stop trying to be Newton County by overtaxing the property owners to implement your stupid socialist wealth transfer schemes and learn to live within a rural counties means.

    Jasper County citizens need their tax dollars just as much as you wannabe “strategic planners” want to spend them. If you want to give back to the community, here is a novel approach. Return the money you confiscated via over taxation to the people who earned it. Haven’t you transferred enough of the hard-earned money of Jasper County families to your scoundrel cronies in the “Smart Growth” con business yet?
    For once in your deceitful, back stabbing, special interest driven tenure as guardians of the public trust, do the right thing. Is that too much to ask?

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