June 14, 2016


Yesterday morning in front of 4 commissioners, 1 citizen attended and spoke.  Last night at the 2nd public hearing, in front of all 5 commissioners, 1 citizen attended and spoke.  The plea from both was to cut the millage rate and help the taxpayers.

It was suggested that this BOC should cut the millage rate 1 more mil because the FY 15 audit showed budgeting that produced over $1,000,000 to add to the Fund Balance.  This would be approximately 3 mils of over-taxing.  If this situation happens again when the FY16 audit is complete, the BOC will be way ahead of the game and should be able to cut the millage rate now.  Listen to the citizen’s comments —

A cut of one more mil will be a god-send to many of the retirees and people on fixed incomes in our county.  And to us plain old hard working folks too!

Also out of the auditor’s report was information about using Fund Balance for abnormal budget items, not new vehicles.  The BOC  was told they were using Fund Balance to buy vehicles, not some big expensive item.  The BOC was encouraged to think about their stewardship and to vote to cut at the June 23rd meeting when they meet to “approve the budget and millage rate.”

Watch this video as the BOC asks Charles Forsythe how would he fund roads.  

It would be nice if the BOC would always give citizens a chance to have some input; unfortunately the norm is to ignore any comments. 

Maybe there is a chance to have the millage rate reduced for FY17.  Please call all the commissioners and encourage them to cut the millage by at least 1 mil if not more!

Comm. Pennamon said he should be quoted properly, so once again, here is his quote at last year’s budget hearing.  “Citizens are either not concerned about the taxes or they are pleased with the taxes. If they were concerned, someone would be here speaking up.”  Watch the video for yourself.


Citizens, be informed and stay informed!  Only by being informed can the citizens understand what is being done and talked about, and then press our officials to make good decisions for everyone in Jasper County.  That is our goal with the Taxdogs blog.

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  1. Taxed too much says:

    Whatever happened to the town hall meeting that the commissioners mentioned during one of Ms Patrick’s town hall meetings almost 2 years ago?

    If the commissioners are at a loss at what to do with fund balance, a town hall meeting would be a good place to get citizens’ input.

    At least they seem to care this once what the public thought. I hope this newfound idea is not short lived.

  2. Make a difference says:

    I agree with the comments from I stand with TWG and Can you say male chauvinist.

    Thank you Mrs. Patrick and Mr. Forsythe for your continued fight. We taxpayers owe you a debt of gratitude.

    Unfortunately our commissioners are tone deaf when it comes to their constituents. A couple of commissioners voted against the millage rate, but they did not make a motion to reduce the budget and reduce the millage rate below 16 mils. Is the need to get along with the rest of the board more important than the needs of the taxpayers?

    We can only hope that we have 3 people on the board that will do right by the public in the final hours before the vote that will once again raise our taxes.

  3. Can you say Male Chauvanist? says:

    Mary Patrick is told everything she says just isn’t so. Charles Forsythe gets to participate in discussion. Can you say male chauvanist? Thank goodness both of these two keep putting up with the abuse and fighting for the everyday person in Jasper County.

  4. I Stand With TWG says:

    Thank God, we have Charles Forsythe and Mary Patrick willing to engage in the often thankless task of going to the mat for the taxpayers of Jasper County. Where would we be without their tireless dedication to doing the right thing?

    Kudos to them both for standing up for the taxpayers of Jasper County when no one else would.

    Two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.
    Robert Frost

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