June 16, 2016

Braley Sherry

On June 23, 2015 the following post was published by TWG—


Sherry Braley was arrested the week of June 23, 2015 for theft by deception, a felony.  The amount of money in question is in excess of $15,000 and was taken from the Planning & Zoning office.  There has also been speculation that more money was missing from Animal Control, which is also under the P&Z Director.

After the FY15 (as of 6/30/15) audit presentation earlier this month, the BOC was asked just when Sherry Braley was going to be indicted by the Grand Jury. 

Scales of Justice


Comm. Trammell answered that the DA did try to get a Grand Jury “last week” (the last week in May), and they couldn’t get enough jurors.  (They needed 16.)  Sheriff Pope confirmed that answer saying some of the grand jurors had moved out of the county since February, when they were called to serve.

The FY15 audit did have another finding about this matter.  (The following is copied from the FY15 audit.)

Planning & Zoning—Missing Government Funds (2015-005), with the explanation “additional information is not available due to pending matters with the criminal investigation.”  It also says “Former management did not enforce the County’s cash handling policies. Former management’s lack of involvement and monitoring contributed to this issue.”

Unless a special session of the Grand Jury is called, the next Grand Jury will meet in August 2016.



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  1. Lori says:

    So you have to have someone show you the policies and enforce the policies to have enough common sense to not steal ?? So anyone can have the job Sherry Braley had and steal without prosecution if they say they weren’t aware of the policies?? WTH is wrong with y’all?? Cause the way I see it she was stealing from jasper county citizens since our taxes have to pay for in my opinion a lot of unnecessary crap then an employee has no repercussions?? I guess us taxpayers get to pay back the money she stole in addition to what we already pay. And now our taxes are being raised AGAIN!! When we set up our mortgage payment we had escrow account to pay taxes etc. our house payment started out 589/month it has since risen to 1300/nth because of property taxes I do not live in a 1300/mth house I live in a doublewide modular home. This is ridiculous.

    Also on the code enforcement issue I live in the county I have complained too many times to count to the enforcement officer of that moment regarding three issues in my neighbor and have complained on this page twice and nothing has been done- NOTHING BADA ZIP ZILCH!!! So why do we need a city enforcement officer cause the county only rides through here occasionally and must be blind since they ride past the three properties I been complaining about for YEARS. They aren’t enforcing anything out here so they should have plenty of time to work the city

    • Foward Jasper says:

      Gene Trammell says nothing to worry about a little theft in country government, because insurance has it covered. But it’s not really the theft is it? The climate of corruption, incompetence, and cronyism the Trammell administration has engineered and allowed to fester in county government started with little white lies and now has grown into full-blown fraud, in particular concerning issues of public funding from JCWSA to the recent farcical budget debates.

      I wonder if Gene can tell us if the county’s insurance will cover the cost of the grand jury meeting, and possibly a jury trail, or is this just more cost associated with the incompetent leadership of would- be -comedians?

  2. Where's the juror? says:

    Are there not alternate grand jurors in case a person is ill when required to serve?

    What is the procedure to get new people on a grand jury? Is that a long drawn out procedure? I was under the impression that grand jurors were selected from a pool of people just like a regular jury except that they will serve for a certain period.

    It almost appears as if there was a mass exodus of Grand Jurors from Jasper County. I thought we had to get ready for growth. I don’t see an influx of new people.

    • They were right says:

      You are mistaken. I see plenty of growth.

      The budget has grown a bunch, so has the debt and taxes. Crime also is growing.

      So you see, you just misinterpreted the statement about getting ready for growth.

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