June 28, 2016

Barnes Mountain Rd. Cut Thru will be paved by Pittman Construction while they are in the area re-paving Hwy 11 N.  Based on what Comm. Pennamon said, both paving/re-surfacing and leveling will be done for less than $30,000.

 Highway 11 N paving is going to include re-paving the square at night according to the County Manager. 

There was also discussion about the roughness of getting on and coming off the Barr Bridge Rd. bridge, which has been a problem for the at least the last 7 years.

While the BOC is discussing roads in this special called meeting, plan to attend and speak during citizen comments about your road!



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  1. Government run by rubes says:

    A big thank you to Commissioners Henry and Luke for trying to reduce the millage rate.

    A huge thank you to Commissioner Henry for not voting for the increased budget.

    The last meeting highlighted some disturbing things.

    We have a county attorney that is not familiar with government statutes. One would think that a county attorney that charges over $100.00 per hour would be familiar with the statue that governs budgets and millage rates. If he is not familiar, I expect him to at least peruse that statue prior to the meeting after seeing it on the agenda.

    Then we have a chairman that has no clue what the fund balance would be at the end of the fiscal year that is only 2 weeks out. We know that there will be some outstanding bills that will have to be paid before June 30. It is not necessary to know the exact fund balance, but one should have an idea what the fund balance will look like.

    It appears that our chairman might have a touch of ADD.

  2. FOWARD JASPER says:

    One of the perks of the job of serving the “greater good” of self is access to county equipment, especially if you’ve unwisely chosen to build your home in a flood plain. This is what’s known as “strategic planning”, Jasper County style.

  3. Freda Diaz says:

    So…I live on Armour Rd and I am really glad they hired someone who knows what they are doing when they scrape roads and clean out ditches. But why would the backhoe being used on Armour Rd be going into Commissioner Trammels yard? Maybe he was just visiting? Just saying….

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