July 13, 2016

An unusual exchange between commissioners took place at the Monday, July 11, BOC meeting after citizen comments.  After not keeping time on one citizen, Comm. Trammell tried to reign in other citizens and then tried to cut off Comm. Pennamon as he was speaking.  This must watch video says it all:

TWG sincerely hopes Comm. Luke is being honest about his wanting to listen to citizens.  We encourage him, and all the BOC members, to continue to be open to listening to their comments, complaints, and suggestions and give enough time to each person as they did on Monday night.

Comm. Pennamon is absolutely correct, the BOC can’t play favorites.  It was a highlight of the meeting when Comm. Pennamon stood up to Chairman Trammell for trying to cut him off while he was making that point.  Trammell has done his best at every meeting to cut off discussion from other members of the BOC.


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  1. Douglas says:

    Wow!!!! To be an official qualified time keeper for ‘citizen’s comments’ in Jasper county you either have to be an attorney making about $150 an hour, or have a Summa Cum Laude degree in master time keeping from MIT. When I have spoken, and others in my family have spoken before the board it has fallen on deaf ears. I find it amusing that commissioner Luke is suddenly smitten under a spell compelling him to listen to his constituents.

    Folks, it is a true miracle in modern times that after all these years Doug has seen the light on listening and responding. He also saw the vision of blinding light right before election that our taxes were way too high. The only time he has responded to my e-mail was after I was critical of the boards behavior (including him). He has a history of ignoring citizens input and addressing their problems.

    When citizens take a substantial amount of time and effort to attend BOC meetings, at the very least the BOC should not only allow a reasonable time frame to speak. Allowing only 3 minutes is an insult, and ignoring input is even worse.

    Thank you Carl for standing up to Gene at this meeting. He is correct–no telling what Mary might put up in her blog!

  2. If I've said it once I've said it a thousand times says:

    GT is arrogant and a bully. That is why he cuts people off in mid sentence. He seems to particularly enjoy talking down to women. GT is the most obnoxious person I have ever had the displeasure of meeting.

  3. Amazed, astounded and dismayed. says:

    Seriously?? No time keeper?? While there does need to be a standardized policy regarding citizens comments to the BOC, not one of the Commissioners was wearing a watch? And to suggest that some citizens that come before the Board are less important than others, is simply poor form at best and discriminatory at worst.

  4. Salmon Swings and Misses ..AGAIN says:

    If you listen close starting at @ 3:03 Craig Salmon aka Minnie Gene takes a lame swipe at Mary Patrick using Carl Pennamon’s rhetorical question pointing out that the BoC is setting itself up for well deserved TWG blog post on the injustice of limiting some public comments to three minutes while letting others speak until finished as a spring board.

    Of the two paths of discourse, for or against increasing public comment time a Commissioner could take, Carbon Copy Gene chose neither. Instead of adding to the discussion on allowing citizens more time to air their options on county issues, Sneaky Salmon attempted to derail the conversation and turn it into a forum for bashing the one reliable source of information on County business the taxpayers of Jasper County have, and that is Mary Patrick. Of course, as usual, no one on the board pays the inane, off-topic meandering utterances of the attention seeking Salmon much if any attention.

    However, even though a benchwarmer who adds nothing at all to board conversations concerning the proper administration of Jasper County government, Salmon does get a vote, although that vote is whatever Gene Trammell says it is. This is his one useful purpose. Not useful to the taxpayers, mind you, but for Trammell and the special money interests he represents. You might say Salmon is a lackey’s lackey, a follower of one who’s easily led, if you will.

    It’s unfortunate and problematic that District 4 can find no better representation than a political toady who seeks to divert attention from his own lack of leadership skills by attacking an unelected and unpaid public servant who, quite honestly, would have nothing negative to report if the Commissioners would just be start being totally honest and open with the people of Jasper County.

    Mr. Salmon needs to come to the understanding that serving on the BoC is a job, and that job is serving the taxpayers of Jasper County and none other. If a career in management where company policy prohibits critique of job performance is what he seeks, then he should step down from public office and try again at self-employment. Public office is called “Public” for a reason. If he cannot take the heat, then he should step away from the fire. Snarkiness does not become him.

  5. Equal time for all says:

    Why is Gene Trammell always in such a hurry?

    He constantly cuts off other commissioners when they have something to contribute to the meeting. Public discussions among the BOC members are few as it is.

    His excuses are funny. A citizen was able to speak for 16 minutes only because they had no timekeeper. He cannot tell the difference between 3-4 minutes and 16 minutes.

    I love the fact that citizens can take the time needed to air their concerns and hope that will be so in the future.

    Let’s leave the timekeeper out of all the meetings.

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