July 14, 2016

Old Washington Park School

 Please, don’t tell us taxpayer’s money—yes, a grant is taxpayer’s money—is going to buy “some old property” as Comm. Trammell revealed at the last BOC meeting.  Is this “old property” the Old Washington Park School building? 


 The Development Authority of Jasper County (DAJC) has certainly been discussing the old Washington Park School for the past several months.  It has been one of their “projects”— a project that gets tax incentives to come here while Jasper County citizens get higher taxes.

 TWG has asked for a copy of the grant award through open records, but we were told it is secret since it involves “real estate acquisition.” 

 Citizens voiced their concerns repeatedly and asked the BOC not to buy this building a few years ago when the School Board put it up for sale.  Concerns included the cost of fixing up the old Washington Park School and the asbestos problems it has. 

 In December 2013, J.E. Winston (of Macon) bought the building and 3.2 acres for $7,535 from the School Board through an online auction.  In May 2014, this property was sold to Monticello Studios, LLC for $60,000.  The tax assessors have it valued at $81,100 for 2016, and have this property classified as A-4 Agriculture.

 Is the old Washington Park School the property the DAJC is considering with its $400,000 grant?  If so, how much will it cost and who is going to benefit?


Citizens, be informed and stay informed!  Only by being informed can the citizens understand what is being done and talked about, and then press our officials to make good decisions for everyone in Jasper County.  That is our goal with the Taxdogs blog.

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  1. Samuel M. Hay, III says:

    Never forget, as pointed out grants are always tax money AND more importantly, I haven’t seen a grant in years that did not require LOCAL FUNDS, either matching or partial.

  2. Covert Development says:

    I am so glad that you pointed out that grant money is taxpayer money.

    Our elected official often talk about “free money” when talking about grants in various forms. Like this is money falling from heaven like manna.

    To rehab a building that has asbestos is a very expensive proposition. I don’t believe it is in the taxpayers’ best interest to support the company that has bought the old Washington Park School building, if that is what our development authority is planning on doing with the grant money.

    The development authority may be getting a bad rap. The community would feel better about them if they would tell the public what they are doing and periodically give an update on projects. Especially on projects that are backed with taxpayer dollars.

  3. Foward Jasper says:

    *”If so, how much will it cost and who is going to benefit?”*

    It will cost as much as the local –We Gotta’ Grow- crony cartel can dump on the taxpayers without causing a full-blown tax mule riot. The beneficiaries will be David Dyer, who as EDA director scrapes a generous percentage off the top along with duplicitous lawyers who cloak the project from public scrutiny with excessively expensive albeit incoherent legalese. Next in queue to receive their pound of taxpayer flesh are the bond underwriters who in turn sell the taxpayer guaranteed debt back to Forward thinking strategic planners who initiated the public debt funded project in the first place. And completing the circle of unsavory self-serving opportunists will be the bankers that invariably bail the strategically planned bad debt out with bridge loans and extensions, at the behest of BoC resolutions, of course.

    The taxpayers? Well you know what end of the stick we always get.

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