August 2, 2016

According to County Manager, Mike Benton, Jasper County has gotten a very poor report from ISO, which in turn will cause everyone’s house insurance to go up.  But that revelation wasn’t nearly as concerning to Comm. Salmon as was the TWG post stating that Salmon was the “ISO guy for the county.”


Salmon spent several minutes at last night’s meeting explaining how he sat in on the ISO audit meeting with Jarrett Slocumb, Mike Benton, and the (state?) ISO man on June 17th, and then explained he took it upon himself to call JCWSA (Frank Sherrill), City of Monticello (Waymon Cody), and ASWA (Juanita Gazaway) “because several questions came up.”  Yet he is adamant he wasn’t the “ISO guy for the county”.  He made a motion to have the county attorney send out a letter every time what he calls “misinformation” is put out.  Watch this video:

It is not clear from the video if the other BOC members were aware of all this ISO work by Comm. Salmon or not, but he took time to explain it to them.  As stated in the previous blog, this subject (ISO) has not been discussed at any commissioners meeting for the last 2 years or more. 

Why wasn’t the ISO audit and the preliminary ISO report brought up in the July BOC meeting, since Comm. Salmon had done all of this in June and knew about the poor results of the ISO audit?  Why was all this kept out of the BOC meeting(s) and the information denied to the public? 

Additionally, why wouldn’t the Fire Chief, Jarrett Slocumb, know the answers to the questions, or find out if he didn’t, instead of Comm. Salmon calling the different water authorities?  Questions such as:

             A)How many fire hydrants do you have?
B) How many flush valves?
C)What size lines do you have?
D) Where does your water come from?
E) Where is your water connected?

Why wasn’t Comm. Salmon concerned about the lack of hydrant maintenance and lack of equipment maintenance, which resulted in a poor ISO rating?

No, he was more concerned with trying to stop TWG from reporting anything, because Comm. Salmon seems to think, and tells people, everything TWG reports is “misinformation.” 


Jim Alexander, County Attorney, tried to explain to Comm. Salmon just exactly why it wasn’t possible, feasible, or fiscally responsible to do what the motion proposed.  He cited, among other things, free speech.  TWG isn’t sure if this motion applied only to TWG or if it would apply to everyone, including the Monticello News?  Heck, if you don’t like a story or the way it is written, just have your attorney harass them!

Watch this video for the attorney’s discussion with the BOC:

How did the BOC vote?  The next blog will have that video and the rest of this story!  It will be out tomorrow night!



Be informed! Stay informed!

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  1. Just more of the FOWARD Jasper Sleaze Factor says:

    It all boils down to this. The taxpayers of Jasper County where sold a lie. A lie, thanks to dishonest commissioners Gene Trammel and ISO guy Craig Salmon, we the taxpayers will be financially supporting for the next 40 years.
    JCWSA has never been responsible for lowering our ISO rating and it never will. The insurance companies will charge as much as they can get away with, just like they always have and JCWSA will go on being a burden to the taxpayers of Jasper County, just like it always has been. Expect no change as long as the cronies remain in control of our county government.

  2. Surely you jest says:

    Was it comedy night at the BOC?

    If I asked my lawyer to respond every time the BOC gave out misinformation, I would go broke.

  3. cheryl nowetner says:

    what a bunch of pre-k kids. this was reported to be the best BOC EVER If your going to run for public office you need some thick skin. not everyone agrees or likes you. Maybe Comm. Salmon should quit trying to be 6 feet tall and bullet proof and act his age and do the job he was elected to do.. Maybe if he kept his nose out of everyone else’s business his mouth wouldn’t get him in trouble

  4. stoicimagery says:

    I am curious…..who would know the answer better: Fire Chief…..or the people that installed and maintains the hydrant system? That post was a total hack job against the fire department, and you cowardly attacked a favorite target of yours without knowing who actually was responsible.

    A)How many fire hydrants do you have?
    B) How many flush valves?
    C)What size lines do you have?
    D) Where does your water come from?
    E) Where is your water connected?

    Most of those questions are definitely answered better by the water department. I had heard you have a severe animosity for the currently serving fire chief, but didn’t believe it until now, when I read this. Please, in the future, know what part of the county/city infrastructure is whose responsibility, because…….next time I bet you are going to accuse the police chief of not knowing what size the power lines are. Yeah, they use power…….but is he required to have that information at his fingertips and in memory??????????

    • Sometimes Questions are Just Questions says:

      Apparently, someone has a problem understating the difference between questions and accusations.

      Can you explain how asking pertinent questions regarding taxpayer business is a “cowardly hack job” and not the job of a good journalist? If you do not care enough to question what is going on in local government, then you should not come to this website. The city has a local newspaper that goes out of its way to shield easily butt-hurt partisans from being offending by replacing real news with feel good fluff. You should subscribe to that.

      What part of Taxpayer Watchdog Group do you not understand? All questions concerning the business of Jasper County taxpayers are valid and part of TWG’s job description. I understand that you may not like where some of these questions lead because they may cast a dubious shadow on the job performance of friends or acquaintances. Nevertheless, they directly relate to the issue at hand.

      Most of we taxpayers care about the business of our county If not for Mary Patrick and TWG there would be no other reliable source for county news. Furthermore, without Mary Patrick and TWG keeping a watchful eye on county business, the corrupt faction that currently controls county government would be totally unleashed on an unsuspecting and hapless public. They would fiscally rape this county beyond recovery, all the while laughing in our faces and blabbing on about their greater good.

      So, until you contributed as much towards protecting the interests of the taxpayers of Jasper County as TWG has for decades, please refrain from public displays of self-inflicted ignorance. It does not become you nor those you seek to defend.

    • Knowedge is important says:

      I agree that the water department is best suited to answer the questions A – E.

      The question posed was why a commissioner is getting the answers as opposed to the Fire Chief. Knowing the answers to these questions would benefit the fire chief and his job more than that of a commissioner.

  5. Not rocket science says:

    The best way to guard against “misinformation” is open and honest information.

    Let the people know what is happening. Discuss issues/problems openly, in public and in a timely fashion.

  6. Puzzled says:

    I am scratching my head trying to figure out about what misinformation Mr. Salmon is talking.

    He admits that he called Alcovey Shores to get some questions answered – no misinformation there.

    There is a problem with fire hydrants being covered up with overgrown weeds and not being maintained – no misinformation there either.

    Oh, perhaps the misinformation is that TWG called him the ISO guy. I am quite sure he has been called a lot worse. What would he want the attorney to do? Should the county attorney write a letter asking TWG not to ever call Mr. Salmon the ISO guy again?

    Most of the time TWG has video to substantiate any assertion.

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