August 3, 2016


As this blog reported last night—

Jim Alexander, County Attorney, tried to explain to Comm. Salmon exactly why it wasn’t possible, feasible, or fiscally responsible to send out a letter every time Comm. Salmon thought “misinformation” had been put out.  Mr. Alexander cited, among other things, free speech.  Watch this video for the attorney’s discussion with the BOC:


Watch this video to find out, and then see what action Comm. Salmon took:
(this is a must watch video)

Comm. Henry tried to impress upon the others that the attorney said this was not doable; yet Salmon and Pennamon proceeded anyway.


Cry Baby 2

Once Comm. Salmon did not get his way, he wanted the county attorney ousted, and made a motion to do soHe was unable to get a 2nd to his motion.

Remember–Comm. Salmon had no problem with Attorney Alexander when he was working on the Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) to give JCWSA $50,000 up front and $42,900 per year for 31 years.  No siree!  Alexander was Salmon’s best buddy then.  In fact, that IGA was approved at a meeting without being on the agenda, and without the public having any prior notice of the IGA.  Salmon pulled it out and decided they could “fill in the blanks”, and of course, Alexander went along.  This is how most things have been working with this BOC—out of the public eye and costly to the taxpayers.

The next blog will be about the new Fire Pumper and the ISO preliminary audit. 


Be informed! Stay informed!




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  1. Aiwa says:

    The problem here is the watchdog group found out something they were not supposed to know anything about. The BOC then deemed it misinformation because they did not get to spin the story the way they wanted to. Everyone else speaks falsely except this BOC.

  2. Achtung! Misinformation Alert says:

    I read the Monticello News reporting on the Commissioners’ meeting this week.

    The journalist reports: “Without the new pumper, ISO ratings could increase, causing many county residents to see property tax increases.”

    That is misinformation. Property taxes have nothing to do with ISO ratings. ISO ratings affect homeowners insurance.

    Will the ISO misinformation police request a correction?

  3. The Buck Stops With Comm. Trammell says:

    In light of past comments calling for God to strike dead * those who disagree with him, it would not be beyond the extreme character of such a disturbed individual as Commissioner Salmon to call for the arrest and extermination of those he imagines to be against the FORWARD agenda he has set for himself and Jasper County…real or not.

    * see video starting @ 1:44 https://youtu.be/Mcg5u7i4EDo?t=1m44s

    What is just as disturbing as Comm. Salmon’s irrational behavior is the facetiousness brevity which Commissioner Trammell employs in attempting to diffuse the situation. Comm. Salmon clearly has some very definite issues and a call for unity does nothing to address the damage done to the credibility of this BoC to conduct the business of the people of Jasper County in a responsible and forthright manner.

    Comm. Salmon’s dark desires to extract personal vengeance against those he feels have slighted him has nothing to do with “unity.” For Comm.Trammell to suggest lack of unity is the problem illuminates the degree to which he is willing to stoop in order to gloss over Comm. Salmon’s bizarre behavior. Comm. Trammell does the county no good turn in shirking his duty to take control of County meetings.

    Perhaps, before Comm. Salmon is allowed to take his seat in future BoC meetings, Chairman Trammell could politely steer him toward some type of professional help that might aid him in overcoming his extreme urges to cause his fellow citizens physical harm. This act of tough love on Comm.Trammell’s part is well within the scope of the Chairman’s duties, while also being in the best interests of the people of Jasper County

    It is the job of the Comm. Trammell as Chairman of the Board to insure the board meetings follow proper parliamentary procedure. If he cannot do his job, the BoC should pass the baton onto someone who can.

  4. Unholy behavior says:

    It is nice to see that the county attorney is trying to put a little sanity back into the BOC requests and push back.

    The BOC had many opportunities to nominate a different law firm, if they so desired.

    Mr. Salmon’s motion for an RFP for a new county attorney is clearly a vindictive move

  5. You Can't Handle the Truth says:

    I must be missing something regarding the “misinformation” being broadcast over the county. Mary Patrick’ has warned us about increases in taxes and spending by these commissioners. Mr. Trammell states in the video ” I hate to spend money Brou, ha, ha,ha!!!!!!!!!!! “. Then his trusted disciple Salmon proclaims ” I hate to spend money too “. The fact is: this board has strapped a huge tax increase on a huge percentage of Jasper County citizens. The fact is: Mr. Trammell, during a one on one conservation with me stated that the millage rate would be adjusted down to compensate for increased valuations. In fact you stated my taxes would decrease. The fact is: Trammell, Salmon, and Pennamon, would silence any citizen who actually brings to public view actual facts regarding the imprudent decision making of this board. Not only that–they would have them prosecuted.

    Mr. Trammell your statement regarding misinformation ” As I talk to citizens around the county they are tired of it “. You have it totally wrong Gene. The citizens of the county are tired of this board throwing citizens under the bus with ever increasing taxes and back door deals. Your “you are either on the team or pushing against it ” speaks volumes about your mindset. To you it is your way or the highway. The majority of the board members follow you as if you are the chosen one to lead the county out of the desert of despair.

  6. Jerry M says:

    I finally agree with Salmon on something. The county attorney should have been fired long ago for his lack of integrity and questionable advice, but just because Salmon did not get his way is not a good reason. If the attorney was fired, how would this BOC stay in executive session and discuss anything they want and get away with all they do?

  7. Nearly derailed says:

    Oh Oh. In the past, Commissioner Trammell would interrupt a team member when it looked like a comment/question might lead to a discussion. He was remiss in doing that during the last meeting and look what happened.

    One got off the reservation.

    He tried to corral them with a stern warning:”either you are either on the team or you are pushing against the team!”

    The views and opinions expressed in this comment are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinion or position of TWG and its members.

  8. Misidentification says:

    After seeing the video, it occurred to me that Mr. Salmon did not want a new lawyer. He is looking for someone that tells him what he wants to hear.

    Baghdad Bob would fit the bill nicely.

  9. Interested says:

    So is Commissioner Salmon the “County Misinformation Officer” now that he has made it clear he is NOT the County ISO man

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