August 5, 2016

The BOC voted 4-Ø (Doug Luke did not attend the 8/1/16 meeting) to approve the purchase of a new Fire Rescue Pumper Truck.  After 3 previous attempts, including a bid packet used to favor only one company, the 4th time proved to be the charm.

This video shows discussion of the truck and the “ISO problem”:

The County Manager reiterates that the county has 90 days to correct the ISO problems found in the ISO audit.  The ISO problems were discussed, according to Comm. Salmon who sat in on the meeting, on June 17.  Therefore, 90 days would bring us to 9/17/16.  The County Manager says the downgrade of the ISO rate would mean a rise in insurance rates, and getting a new pumper on the scene would help the ISO rating.  (TWG has problems understanding why Comm. Salmon didn’t bring these ISO findings to the full board at their July meeting, rather than waiting until August, and then only after TWG reported he was “the ISO guy.”)

At 2:38 on the video, Comm. Trammell wanted Comm. Salmon to answer a question, stating, “since he knows more about ISO than anyone in the room.”  Would that include the fire chief, who was sitting in the room?  Obviously, Comm. Trammell thought Comm. Salmon was the ISO guy (point man) for the county, too!

The BOC approved a bid almost $50,000 higher than the low bid in order to get the truck here before 9/17/16.  There were 7 bids from 5 vendors.  Even though the County Manager made the recommendation to accept the Deep South bid, the E-One pumper, at a cost of $277,524, was approved because it could be delivered sooner.  It should be delivered to Jasper County within 30-45 days, which would be by 9/15/16.

Watch this video of the motion and vote:

TWG has asked for a copy of the preliminary ISO audit so we could relay just what problems were found; however, the County Manager said that he had nothing in writing and Fire Chief Slocumb also told him that nothing was left in writing.  Somehow, these people (Benton, Salmon, and Slocumb) all know of the ISO audit and rating problems, but there are no emails, no letters, no memos, and absolutely nothing in writing, about exactly what they are.  This is strange, indeed!

Citizens, be informed! Stay informed!





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  1. Terry Dishroon says:

    there are two hyd in my area that have not been in operation for about 5 or six years. one on barnes mtn Rd. and one on Bailey rd. The side mower from maint. ruined them and have never been repaired.

  2. Longing to information says:

    Why are the county manger, fire chief, and BOC members not asking for a copy of the preliminary report?

    Do they not want to know what can be remediated before the final report is issued?

    Is this an indication of “I don’t give a darn” attitude, or is transparency just not in their vocabulary?

  3. Scrap Recovery says:

    A pumper is only good where there are water hydrants. What about back woods where NO water lines or hydrants are? as well as bad roads! Why don’t they spend money where needed like On roads? We are paying $.34 a gal for gas tax. Where is it going?

    • fulhamsouth says:

      Incorrect. Pumper trucks carry up to 1000 gallons of water upon arrival. Additionally, they have the ability to pump from drop tanks that hold over 2500 gallons of water at a time and are refilled constantly during a water shuttle/rural water supply operation.

      Be informed.

  4. When is enough enough? says:

    The fact that the Trammell administration has again failed to conduct the business of the people of Jasper County in a prompt and responsible manner just proves once more how incompetent the leadership of Chairman Trammell really is, How many more tens of thousands of unnecessary taxpayer dollars will Gene Trammell’s lackadaisical approach to performing the duties of his office cost the taxpayers of Jasper County before he is replaced with someone willing to work for the good of the people, and not against ?

    Gene Trammell should do the right thing and step down as chairman of the Jasper County Board of Commissioners to make way for someone willing to shoulder the burden of responsibility to rise to the occasion.

  5. Paul LeDoux says:

    Who is responsible for making sure what’s needed for this iso rating. Is it just not common sense that hydrants need to be cut around so they can find them when needed? Oh and the taxpayers are picking up a 55 thousand bill to have a truck delivered in the next 30 to 45 days that has been talked about for at least the past year that I know about. If the taxpayers of this county don’t realize it is time for a change then don’t complain when you can’t pay your homeowners insurance or your taxes.

  6. Plausible deniability says:

    Are we parsing words ala Clinton?

    The county manager said he had nothing in writing.

    The fire chief said nothing was left in writing.

    That does not necessarily mean nothing IS in writing. ISO has not released the audit yet, per the county manager. It appears as if the auditor is working with the county to correct some issues, before making the audit final.

    I’m confident that if asked, ISO would provide a copy of the preliminary audit. A copy could serve as a check list.

  7. Competition saves money says:

    In September 2015, the BOC had bids from 3 vendors for the fire pumper, but only one could meet the specs because the specs were written to favor E-One. At that time, the cost with the same option was $310,638.

    Now almost a year later, E-one is once again chosen. This time the price $277,524 with 30-45 day delivery.

    What a difference a year and some honest competition make.

    • The Jasper County Way says:

      33 grand in palm grease does go a long way in slicking the slides. Thank God, the taxpayers have TWG watching our backs.

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