August 6, 2016

An update on the Hospice on Eatonton St. was given this week at the Development Authority (DAJC) meeting.  Director, David Dyer, said the Hospice was completely finished, and it was advertising for CNA’s and LPN’s.  Mr. Dyer also said that Mr. George West, the contact person for the hospice, had been ill and no one had been able to get in touch with him or anyone else to get more information.

Hospice Bldg 8.6.16

The hospice may not be a hospice

No permits for a hospice have been issued yet, and DAJC members were not sure of what kind of business this may turn out to be.  They seemed sure it would have some type of medical staff, but actually being a hospice was not a given.

The “grand opening” of the hospice has been talked about for over 4 years now.  Long delays in getting the building up and the grounds landscaped have been a concern.  On October 7, 2011 there was a ground breaking for the Hospice with Mayor Standifer, Rep. Susan Holmes, and Development Authority Executive Director David Dyer participating along with several foreign investors.  It was reported then that the business would be open in about a year.

One positive is that the Board of Assessors has finally changed the property tax status from Residential to Commercial, which will result in more tax revenue for both the county and the city.  The property is now valued at over $748,000.




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