August 10, 2016

As previously reported the ISO (fire) rating determines how much we all pay for house insurance.  The higher the rating, the higher the insurance premium.

Maintenance of fire hydrants is a priority so the firefighters know where the hydrants  are and can easily hook to them when needed.  ISO reviews fire hydrant inspections and frequency of flow testing; this is 40 out of the 100 points of the ISO rating.

After one of the recent blogs, TWG was informed by a firefighter in a post on Facebook, that the fire chief nor the firefighters have to know where the fire hydrants are because “they have maps in the fire trucks.”  That is really good to know because it would be extremely hard to find many of the fire hydrants in Jasper County, much less be able to connect to them quickly.

For example this picture of the hydrant on Jackson Lake Rd. at Ernest Gibson Rd. was taken today—can anyone find it?  (You can click on all pictures to enlarge them.)

FireHydMaint ErnGib 08.11.16

And the picture of this hydrant also on Jackson Lake Rd. at Eagle was taken yesterday-

FireHydMaint Eagle JLR 08.10.16

And what about the hydrant right in front of the Fire Station (Station #1) on Jackson Lake Rd. taken Monday? (See the silver hydrant in the weeds?)

JLR FD 8.8.16 Fire Hydrant

Is the maintenance of hydrants the job of the county fire department or the Jasper County Water & Sewer Authority who own the hydrants?  There seems to be differences of opinion about this answer.

The preliminary ISO audit meeting was held June 17, 2016 according to Comm. Salmon.  The results were not good according to the County Manager, Mike Benton.  That meeting took place almost 2 months ago, and it appears the only thing done so far to help the county’s ISO rating is purchasing a new fire pumper (which should be here in about 3 more weeks).  If the county had 90 days to make corrections to help the ISO rating, would time be about to run out?  Just who is in charge of taking care of these problems and what is being done to correct them? 

If anyone is still concerned that somehow the TWG delayed the purchase of the Fire Truck, they need to listen to exactly what the county attorney said about the bids.  When bids are so “narrow” as to exclude all vendors but one, it is still considered bid rigging, and the county attorney made this determination after complaints from one of the bidders and reviewing the bid packet.  The following link contains videos of the  discussions by the BOC, county attorney, and the Deep South representative.

Be informed and listen to the video and determine who formulated the bid packet that had to be thrown out and caused the delay.  Then hope that something is done to correct the problems found so our insurance rates don’t go sky high.




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  1. Stupefying says:

    Is that why TWG could not get a copy of the preliminary ISO report?

    Keeping weeds around the hydrants clearly does not take a highly skilled person.

    How many more “no brainer” items that require little to no money, but some initiative, are on the ISO report?

  2. Ready for the looney bin says:

    This does not make any sense.

    The fire fighters are looking at a map to find the hydrants? That is especially hard to do in the dark.

    Do they have a weed eater handy so they can trim around the hydrant once they find it and before they can hook up a hose?

    That is insane.

  3. Snookered says:

    Please correct me if I am wrong.

    Don’t we pay the fire hydrant tax to JCWSA to maintain the hydrants?

    • taxdogs says:

      Properties along the line are assessed a “fire tax”. This tax is supposed to pay for the maintenance of the fire hydrants. $42,900 is given to JCWSA Each year, if the county collects this much tax or not.

  4. Accountability deficient says:

    Oh yeah. It is the TWG’s fault that the specs were written to favor one specific manufacturer…sure.

    Is it also TWG’s fault that it took almost a full year before the specs were redone and resubmitted for bid?

    TWG highlights problems in the county and instead of the departments fixing them, they dole out blame.

    If the county could run on blame, it would be the best run county in the world.

  5. Unbelievable says:

    I can’t believe that it was a fire fighter who said that they did not need to know where the hydrants were because they had maps of the locations.

    At 2 am, without a full moon, these fire fighters are rushing to a fire in total darkness. The first thing they have to do is get a flashlight and consult is a map to find a hydrant? Say it ain’t so.

    Finding a hydrant should not be an Easter egg hunt.

  6. Teresa says:

    Living out in the county and not near a fire hydrant at all, my insurance is already sky high. I’ve had to raise my deductable way up to afford it. I can’t afford a higher rating to go with my higher taxes. I mean, really?? I honestly can’t wait until I am old enough to retire so I can get out of this town and county. Only 6 more years to go. If I don’t go broke first.

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