August 18, 2016

Sunday, August 14, 2016, another wedding took place at Bennett Cove.  According to Cecil Bennett, he does not charge for these weddings (or any event); he allows all these functions to take place out of the goodness of his heart. 

As you can see from this video, there are cars everywhere on the property for the wedding this past Sunday.

There are also signs on the highway making sure people get to the wedding.

Bennett Cove Wedding Sign 081416

Our BOC has talked for a YEAR about a “noise ordinance,” yet for some reason one has yet to be produced, and the current one is so “vague” that it isn’t enforced.  However, when the BOC wants to have an agreement to give money to JCWSA for 31 years, or sign off and have taxpayers indebted on a $1.8 million bond, those documents can be produced in a matter of DAYS!

Recently Mr. Bennett put a full page ad in the paper about Bennett Cove, stating he had paid for a “special use permit” in 2008.  There is no record of a public hearing, no legal ads in the paper for a public hearing, and no minutes from any meeting for a “special use permit” for Cecil Bennett, Bennett Cove, or a Bed & Breakfast in 2008.  During 2008 we had a P&Z Board that was totally on top of things, and something like this would not slip through the cracks.  Mr. Bennett needs to produce a copy of the legal ad or let us know when this hearing took place, because no one in P&Z can find anything about his “special use permit,” and we can not find it in the 2008 Monticello News legal ads.

The “friendly functions” at Bennett Cove that Mr. Bennett talks about in his ad were many, not one.  There have been repeated complaints of noise and zoning violation, with no citations ever issued for noise by the Sheriff’s department and, until recently, no zoning violations were cited. 

Here are some of the events that have taken place at Bennett Cove:

Bennett Cove Deer Festival

Bennett Cove Playboy mansion

These next 2 were cancelled on December 31, 2015, but then took place January 1, 2016.

Bennett Cove Free LiquorBennett Cove NYE Poster

Bennett Cove Netflix XX Jan16

Yes, the New Year’s Eve “drink til you faint” party was stopped, but another party was held the very next night, on New Year’s (January 1).  This party was not stopped by Mr. Bennett or law enforcement.

Mr. Bennett goes on in his ad to say, from now on, he and the Sheriff and the neighbors will decide the level of music at any functions.  What doesn’t he get about the fact ANY FUNCTION is a violation of the Jasper County Zoning codes/ordinances?  The question is, Commissioners and Sheriff Pope, why is this being allowed to continue?  And when is the “county noise ordinance” going to be updated and enforced?  Isn’t a year long enough to get something done?



Citizens, be informed and stay informed!  Only by being informed can the citizens understand what is being done and talked about, and then press our officials to make good decisions for everyone in Jasper County.  That is our goal with the Taxdogs blog.

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  1. BOC Mimics Behavior of The Three Wise Monkeys says:

    This whole fiasco with the “doctor” is yet another example of this BOC and the county attorney being negligent in their responsibility to take action to protect neighbors who live next to this illegal operation. Everyone has a legal right to quiet enjoyment of their property. The commissioners have no problem ramming regulations, tax increases, spending increases, and everything else THEY want down citizens throats. Hey, all is quiet at their house.

  2. Alternative offered says:

    I read on-line that Dr. Bennett is considered a good, compassionate medical doctor.

    Monticello could certainly use a charitable doctor. Instead of hosting free parties and weddings, he could offer free medical services.

    The whole community would welcome something like that and the neighbors would be able to get their peace and quiet back.

  3. Stop this non-sense says:

    What an altruistic man Mr. Bennett is.

    I read that Mr. Bennett’s attorney moved the court case from Magistrate Court to Superior Court, which then referred the case back to Magistrate Court.

    I cannot comprehend why Mr. Bennett didn’t just pay the fine instead of incurring more legal fees and kicking the can down the road.

    I’m not naïve enough to believe that the parties and weddings are all offered at no charge, while accumulating fines and offending neighbors by disturbing the peace.

    Enough is enough!

  4. Jasper says:

    BY the looks of it, the poster of this matter, and most of the commenters don’t live in the immediate area of this “private property”. It’s private property, keyword: private, so since when does anyone give half of a damn what another man chooses to do with the PRIVATE land he owns? It’s his to do as he likes, so if you don’t like it, get over it. It seems we should petition the state to change the name of Jasper County, to WHINER County Georgia.

    • Respectfully disagree says:

      You are correct in that it is private property.

      However, you are incorrect in saying that one can do as they please on private property. There are laws that need to be observed.

      For example, I cannot just build a “club” on agriculturally zoned land without rezoning approval and getting a variety of permits including building permit, business license, alcohol license etc.

      There are Fire Marshall rules and do not forget those “pesky” noise ordinances.

      How would you feel if your neighbors’ visitors trespass on your property and disturb your peace?

    • Above the law says:

      Hell, yah, Jasper, let me do what I like on my land. I agree! I should be able to hunt deer any D* time I want to because it is MY land. I should be able to burn any D* time I want to because it is MY land. I should be able to slaughter animals any D* time I want to because it is MY land. I should be able to blast music all night long and all day too because with filthy lyrics because it is MY land. If it bothers you because you are my neighbor, you are a WHINER. Why should I follow the law, any law, if DOCTOR Bennett does not follow the laws. Everyone should just be able to do what they want to and we should not have ANY laws. Right, Jasper?

    • Me says:

      Just let him move it next door to YOU!!!!

    • Concerned worker/resident says:

      Just to start…….there are certain groups who party all night in my neighborhood….I can hear their music they come flying up and down my road where my children play and I don’t say a word……live and let live
      Secondly if this business were “put out of business”……… a lot of “NATIVE JASPER COUNTIANS” would lose work… that puts food on the table for their children….work that pays their bills… that makes them feel human. Thirdly if I were to fly a drone over the neighbor’s properties…….wonder what types of ordinance violations I would find……HMMMMMMMMM

      • Joe says:

        You work for Dr. Bennett, but wait, he says he does not have a business there. He is just a great person letting people come & use his cabin for free. How hard is it to work and get paid for a business that does not exist?

      • Concerned worker says:

        To mr. Joe…….you’re right ……I am wrong. However, I never stated that I worked for said Doctor. Have a nice day.

  5. Who Does The BoC Work For ? says:

    “If it exceeds [noise] limits, and if someone files complaint, then the Sheriff would attend to that complaint and measure volume” Newton County Manager Lloyd Kerr

    Its strange that the BoC are always eager to follow Newton County’s lead when it comes to investing taxpayers money in risky private ventures, but turn their heads when it comes to adopting other Newton County policies, such as ordinances that protect the peace and quiet of the ones who actually carry their burden of the speculative debt they are always eager to create.

    Does anyone else think it past time the BoC shows the taxpayers of Jasper County a little of that groveling courtesy they heap on the finance industry and their creepy cronies in economic development racket ?

    How about a litter return on our investment BoC? Do your job.

  6. Rodney says:

    The people in this area need to park “chicken manure ” trucks in the area every weekend to put this man out of business!!!!! No one will want to have any event there with the smell of “agriculture district”!

    • Bring The Party To The Commissioners says:

      Or maybe park a few trucks with blasting boom boxes near commissioners homes tonight and see if the sheriff responds to any of those “NOISE” complaints.But how could he? The noise ordinance is so vague as to be unenforceable right?

  7. cheryl. nowetner says:

    It keeps going on because money is the root of evil. And we know we have a cowardly BOC. Who knows if there have been promises of kickbacks from Mr. Bennett. If money is involved in any way this. BOC will bend over backwards to accommodate. Until we get a board of commissioners who want to work for the betterment of our county and not themselves the thought of More Money they can spend is music to their ears.

  8. Bob says:

    IF the people that has the authority to do something about the noise lives near this place or any other then the noise would be too loud. Anyone else can forget it. This is the way it works here. They come from other counties to here where they can do anything they like. I hear more of these type places are coming to Jasper Co. It could be your neighborhood.

    • Already here says:

      Bob, guess what. The “other places” that you predict are already here. Out of Towner’s from Atlanta, Milledgeville, Macon, etc are onto the fact that they can get away with it in Jasper County. If any citizens reading this feel smug and secure because it isn’t in their neighborhood, guess again. Anyone want to guess where “Hunchfest 2016” was held this year??

      • Do We Have County Goverment Or County Door Openers ? says:

        After Googling “Hunchfest 2016” all I can say is animals will be animals, but the vermin don’t have to be allowed a venue to peddle their sick lifestyle in Jasper County. What are our taxes for if not to enforce codes of common decency in our community and to create a safe and wholesome environment in which to live and raise our families? Where is our county government and law enforcement on this…asleep at their posts? If they’re not working for us, then who are they working for?

        For those who have no idea how Google works the Hunchfest 2016 video is here:
        But, fair warning, it is not safe for family viewing. If you choose to view, keep a barf bag handy.

      • Stay in your own hood says:

        We moved to Jasper County to get away from crap like that.

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