August 25, 2016

Remember the ad looking for a Fire/EMS Director?  Applications are due September 1, but the BOC has called a Special Called Meeting–Work Session for Monday night, August 29 at 6:00PM to discuss EMS.

EMS Agenda SCM 8.30.16



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  1. Samuel Hay says:

    Im in Newton County We have had absolute disasters in hiring fire chiefs. Obrien was not someone who the people felt should have been brought in having known he was an old friend of the then County Manager. As things deteriorated, the public outcry to fire him was totally ignored by the BOC. Then someone got to the GBI and had them investigate him. Otherwise nothing would have changed. Turns out he was buying material to remodel his house using his county credit card. He was finally prosecuted. The so called Chief we have now was a retiree from a town the size of Social CIrcle and in his entire career, had never achieved Chief status. He is doing a great job of running off the veteran personnel we do have. Let me give you a clue; if you have advertised for a competent, proven Fire Chief, gotten some applications, dont just pick someone because they are more qualified than the rest. If you dont get someone with the qualifications you require, KEEP LOOKING!

    Im going to tell you something else I have learned throughout this disaster. OBryan took it upon himself to run off all of our volunteers!!
    You can research this for yourself. The number of fire related calls over the years has dropped tremendously. The calls for health emergencies has multiplied by hundreds. Current wisdom is you need more trained personnel EMT etc SCATTERED around more than you need a few centralized fire stations.

    One lady from Starrsville who commented on my FB page about this stated, “I didnt care if it was a full time fireman or a volunteer who saved my mother’s life.” Turns out it was a volunteer.

    Hey, this aint rocket science folks. Dont screw it up like our BOC has done in the last two hirings. You deserve no less than the best in this valuable service to the people. DO NOT politicize this hire. The life you lose may be yours!

  2. Same ole, same ole says:

    Since application deadline is not arrived by this meeting what is to discuss? Perhaps they are going to do what they did with animal control that time and decide not to hire anyone. You just never know with county gov’t.

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