August 29, 2016

When it comes to raising taxes or giving away money, it takes the BOC a very short period of time to do that.  But other things, are not done so quickly.

Take for example the landfill scales and ‘shack’.  The scales were supposedly hit by lightening and the shack burned down in November 2015.  The scales are used to weigh trash coming into the landfill, and people and businesses alike are charged according to the weight, with a minimum being charged.

In March 2016, we learned that Georgia Pacific was tearing down all their buildings and bringing them to the landfill.  Chairman Trammell said this should add about $80,000 to the landfill revenue, but how was Georgia Pacific charged?  Was this an agreed upon price or are they charged the minimum for every load they bring in? 

In June 2016, the BOC voted to get the ‘shack’ built back (or get a metal building) and have the scales repaired.  On August 11, 2016 nothing had been done.

No building & no scales

Landfill No Scales 8.11.16


Landfill No Bldg  8.11.16

Two people are being paid to be at the landfill, a county worker and a contractor that is a certified landfill operator. Both of them were sitting in folding chairs under the trees waiting for business on August 11.  (What do they do when it rains?)  When people come in, TWG has been told they are being charged the $10 minimum because there are no scales to determine just how much they should be charged. 

The longer the BOC delays in getting things in order, the more revenue they forego.  Ah, but what does that matter?  They can just raise taxes again.


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  1. John Wyatt says:

    You have to be kidding, what imcompetentcy!

  2. Mr unlimited funds says:

    Ahh the taxpayers have unlimited funds. BOC raises taxes and they pay its like magic. Poof here’s the money

  3. Fool me once says:

    Don’t you know by now that when Mr. Trammell cites figures he pulls them out of thin air?

    I suppose the landfill keeps meticulous records of how much money they take in and from whom. How much has Georgia Pacific paid for disposal at the landfill so far this year?

    As for the two men sitting in the shade, they are waiting for the growth to come to Jasper County.

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