August 30, 2016


Despite the agenda for the EMS discussion still being on the door, and still up on the county website at 8PM last night, the BOC pulled a bait and switch last night with the help of county attorney Jim Alexander. All commissioners were present, and none objected to the switch.

Open meetings violations:
1. False agenda posted
2. Meeting not called to order

Of course, this is how this BOC has handled everything they don’t want the public to know about before they vote. The new JDA (Joint Development Authority/Stanton Springs/4 County Development Authority) has decided on a new 50 year intergovernmental agreement, and they want all the counties to sign off.

It was obvious last night the members of the BOC knew nothing about the agreement, other than Carl Pennamon (who is on the JDA) and Gene Trammell (his daily side kick). Both Bruce Henry and Doug Luke voiced concerns about being pushed to approve this. Doug Luke said he wanted to read it first!!

If Craig Salmon wants to get rid of county attorney, Jim Alexander, maybe he should do so based on another gross violation of open meetings and pushing a 50-year agreement without anyone being able to read it and ask questions ahead of time. What Jim Alexander says and what turns out to be fact, can and have been two entirely different things. Whatever needs to be said to get the goal accomplished, is how it works.

We must repeat what we’ve said numerous times–If this is such a great deal, then why can’t the public and all the commissioners see it first?

We will have video and more details in a day or two. Stay tuned because this is not like the original promises. JDA now gets a budget that they set and receive money for first, and then their debt is paid before the counties get anything. In addition, the county tax commissioner that collects the property taxes (which would be Walton & Newton County), gets at 2.5% commission off the top. This would be an extra 2.5% for Newton and/or Walton counties.

Wake up Jasper County! You have already put over $900,000 in this project as your 10% with no return on your money!


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  1. Samthemanwithnoplan says:

    They slipped up and said they were going to talk about bids. Make sure not to miss the next meeting on the 12th. They tried to scare people away saying it would run ‘until midnight’ and that EMS would be ‘last’.

  2. Frankly my dear... says:

    Who decided that a special called meeting needed to be held and EMS discussion was part of that meeting?

    Who notified The Monticello News of that meeting?

    On Thursday, both TWG and the newspaper on-line informed people of this meeting. TWG questioned the timing of discussing EMS.

    I am surprised that not one of the commissioners queried the county manager about the agenda item.

    It appears as if the decision not to discuss EMS was made shortly before the meeting, as there was no time to change either the website or the announcement on the courthouse door.

    This laissez faire attitude is not good for the county.

  3. Just sayin says:

    In answer to When is Enough, Enough—AMEN, BROTHER

  4. When is Enough Enough With JDA? says:

    Taking into account the fact the non-stop shady dealings and gross ineptitude of Gene Trammell has put his 3rd District seat in jeopardy; one has to wonder if Steve Jordan is desperately pushing this latest JDA money grab in the likely event that Trammell will lose his district seat come November.

    Might it be that Steve Jordan is worried he won’t have his favorite dive puppet Gene Trammell to toss in the taxpayers’ towel the next time JDA comes slithering up to the BoC demanding more money, so he’s moving to make this last sneaky deal count?

    Trammell’s loss could be a major political blow to JDA. Jordan in the past has always enjoyed the unquestioning support of Trammell, Pennamon and Salmon, regardless the magnitude of cost to the taxpayers of Jasper County.

    Once Trammell is out of office, the guaranteed majority vote Jordan has so smugly enjoyed will no longer be a sure thing. This is why the taxpayers of Jasper County should call their district commissioner and demand JDA’s rotten to the core , taxpayer rip-off deal be rescheduled for debate after the November election.

    What are a few more months of wait to the insatiable, public debt mongering Joint Development Authority? After all, haven’t we already entrusted $900, 000 of Jasper County revenue to the unaccountable stewardship of JDA with nary a nickel in return? Has the nearly one million dollars of Jasper County taxpayer revenue , plus the other tens of millions confiscated from the taxpayers of Walton, Morgan and Newton counties not been enough to sate the sick greed of JDA and their cronies for a few more months?

    How financially desperate can JDA be that they cannot give the Jasper County taxpayers a little more time to recuperate and pay some of JDA’s toxic debt down before they come back to the BoC with another of their super secret schemes to bleed us dry again?

  5. JJ says:

    Open meetings violations
    Open records violations
    Lack of competent leadership from the county manager and BOC

    Perhaps it’s time to file some complaints with ACCG and the state attorney generals office.

    Rogue county road crews, a non-functional landfill and staff, a JDA that has no sense of financial responsibility or good judgement, a fire-EMS department that has no leader and ambulances shut down for 24 hours frequently for lack of staffing since 2014, failure to bid out capital purchases or to dispose of old equipment correctly, lack of financial auditing……..DAMN! Jasper county is indeed a messed up place for you folks to call home.

  6. Late again says:

    I agree about the website.

    The FY2015 audit that was presented in June is still not on the website.

  7. cheryl nowetner says:

    It’s now time to make sure! Trammell and Pennamon are gone for good! They only want to SPEND, SPEND, SPEND! and never think about the people they are supposed to be representing. What a bunch of losers our BOC is.

  8. Something to ponder says:

    I consider Gene Trammell somewhat of a “gadget” guy. He supported the i-Phone purchase for every BOC member. He wanted to get every member a laptop or i-Pad for better communication. He wanted to implement the see, click, and fix program.

    Clearly, he embraces technology.

    Why are these agreements and contracts not on the website for all to see before the BOC votes on them?

    Utilizing the website would be a good way to promote transparency. One could even put the Agenda Packets on the website at least 10 hours before the meeting.

    Just something to consider.

    • You'll Know Them By Their Fruit says:

      Tapping at a phone does not make one a “gadget guy” nor is it indicative of one who embraces technology. Trammell is a “free stuff” guy. Any service or sum of free money he can procure from the taxpayers under the auspices of the “greater good, he most certainly will try to get. Plunder is his game.It’s what he and his cronies do best.

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