September 1, 2016

Braley SherryOn Tuesday, August 30, Sherry Braley (former Jasper County P&Z and Animal Control Director) was arraigned in Jasper County Superior Court and pleaded not guilty.  According to Brent Cochran, with the District Attorney’s office, the paper work will now go to Ms. Braley’s attorney—Charles Taylor with the public defender’s office.  Her next court date will not be until November 8, 2016. 

Sherry Braley was arrested in June 2015.  The GBI warrant states that in excess of $15,000 of public funds were converted, and Ms. Braley was charged with  theft by deception.  Since then a forensic audit of Planning & Zoning was done at an additional cost to the taxpayers of $26,000 .  Now the taxpayer’s also get to pay the public defender’s office for Ms. Braley’s defense!


Melissa Strozier
(former Jasper County Senior Center employee) had agreed to a negotiated plea deal on August 16, 2016, which included  repaying funds in the amount of $15,055 which had been diverted from the Jasper County Care Corps.  According to The Monticello News report, 50 jurors had been called and were dismissed when the plea deal was reached.  The cost of the jurors to the taxpayer’s was $1,250.

Sometime after August 16, Ms. Strozier had requested a withdrawal of the plea deal she agreed to, and hired Tim Lam as her new attorney.  At her hearing today, her request was denied by Judge Hugh Wingfield.



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  1. OUTRAGED!!!! says:

    Doesn’t all the evidence prove she is guilty? This is the worst county BOC!! I just pray Trammell is on his way out! I can’t afford my high taxes as it is and no one in their right mind would want to buy property here anymore. Too much back stabbing, stealing and shady deals in our BOC! SHAME ON ALL OF YOU!!!

  2. Excuses, excuses says:

    She might be considering the Clinton defense:

    I do not know how the money ended up where it did

    I just did it out of convenience so I did not have to go to the bank so often

    I did not intend on committing a crime, I was just extremely careless

    It’s a conspiracy

    I don’t recall

    It was a mistake and I would not do it again

  3. Gene Trammell Has Got To Go says:

    Nothing but back room deals, lies, theft and increased taxes have come out of the Gene Trammell administration. How much more of this crooked county government can the Jasper County citizens take?

  4. want change says:

    Welcome to Jasper County.

  5. Does it Matter? says:

    Does it matter? Gene Trammell indicated this was not a big deal because Sherry Braley was bonded. Is the bonding company planning to pay what was stolen, the cost of the extra audit, and the cost of the public defender? Maybe Gene ought to pay the county back.

  6. Taxpayers Shafted Again says:

    This fiasco started with our incredibly incompetent commissioners hiring Degges. First came Degges, then came her minions. Now we are paying the price for sins of the past.

    As always, the taxpayers are left paying the tab.

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