Included–Details on how much each county has provided to JDA to date

September 6, 2016

On August 16, 2016 Newton County posted an agenda for a Special Called Meeting which contained item D. Consideration of Amended and Restated IGA Contract relating to Stanton Springs.  I attended this meeting to hear all about this new IGA with JDA.  Instead, two (2) attorneys and the Newton County BOC went into Executive Session to hear the  presentation- out of the public eye.  The attorney said they were going into Executive Session for “litigation.”  This was nothing more than a violation of open meetings in order to keep this information from the public.

The Newton County BOC then came out of Executive Session and voted on their resolution to approve this new contract with JDA—BEFORE JDA HAD EVEN APPROVED IT!  JDA didn’t approve the agreement until August 23, 2016.


In Jasper County it was much the same.  The Jasper County BOC posted an agenda for EMS discussion on August 29, 2016.  Instead, they held an illegal meeting to discuss the new IGA with JDA.  (see Bait & Swith here)

At least the Jasper County BOC did discuss the IGA in public; however, the agenda was not posted and was never approved, and therefore, the meeting was illegal.  The county attorney obviously condoned it all as he was a big participant in the meeting.

In order to convince his fellow board members, Comm. Pennamon, who also serves on the JDA, told a few untruths. 

Comm. Pennamon told the others that the only thing that will come back to the county after signing this agreement is when we will have another prospect.  Really?! When did any member of JDA come to the county for the 1st prospect, Baxter?  Or said anything about the $1Billion in bonds?  NEVER!! This was all hidden from the counties. 

Comm. Pennamon also told the others if a new parkway was needed, then JDA would come back to the county and let them approve it.  Yeah, just like they did with the first parkway that cost $2Million—NOT!

 When asked how much money would be coming in, total, Comm. Pennamon said right now estimated gross income at end of 2027 (over 10 years) is $31M to $34M.  (But of course he added, this is before Shire “re-did” their books.)

We must continue to emphasize, that Jasper County gets 10% after JDA gets their budgets for 10 years, after 10 years of GEFA notes payments, after any other expenses—such as a new parkway, and after 2.5% to the tax commissioner of Newton/Walton county.  Hypothetically, that would be about $340,000 per year less all of the above for a grand total to the county of what?  $200,000 per year maybe?

Here is a copy of the new agreement.  Please read it for yourself.  Note Item #11—JDA still has the authority to give tax incentives, and that is without consulting any of the counties involved.

Copy of New JDA Revenue Sharing Intergovernmental Agreement


Some have asked how much have “we” (the counties) contributed to JDA so far.  This information was provided by Wayne Tamplin, CPA for JDA. 

Amount each county has contributed through June 30, 2016


Total JDA has received from counties based on this information $8,934,964.

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  1. Alexander the Pleasurer says:

    Mr. Alexander said it himself at a BOC meeting. “I work for the pleasure of the board”. We the taxpayers are paying this man to go along with whatever the BOC and JDA desires. It makes no difference in what is right, wrong, legal, illegal or costs the taxpayer. We are paying the bill to get ourselves screwed and it is not pleasurable at all for the taxpayers. Meanwhile the commissioners and others being pleasured are enjoying it immensely.

  2. BoC, Do The Job You Were Sworn To Do says:

    Does anyone know if James Alexander gets paid to shill for JDA or he simply doing it as a favor to his JDA buddy Steve Jordan?

    For the benefit of simpletons like Pennamon, Trammell and Salmon, here is the gist of JDA deal. You get what JDA wants you to have and that may be nothing. JDA funding comes first and the 4 counties get to fight over whatever is left, if anything. Of course, this is job security for the blood sucking county lawyers. They wrote the JDA agreement, didn’t they?

    Acting as county attorney, James Alexander has gone along with one illegal meeting after another, which means he is ignorant of his duties or complicit in the corruption . Either way, he needs to leave the employment of Jasper County taxpayers. If Mr. Alexander cannot be trusted to advise the county commissioners on the legality of a public meeting, how then can he be expected to fairly represent Jasper County in revenue sharing agreements with his hometown buddies back in Newton county?

    Here is a novel idea. How about for once in their groveling careers, the Jasper County Board of Commissioners put the interests of the people of Jasper County first ? A good start would be to fire James Alexander and say no to Steve Jordan and his crappy, one-sided JDA agreement

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