September 19, 2016


The BOC has been talking about a revised, updated noise ordinance for almost year.  Supposedly, the county attorney, Capt. Mike Steele of the JCSO, and P&Z director Shane Sealy have been working on this updated noise ordinance.  After reading the “update” it appears that it took about 45 minutes to do and then delayed for almost a year. 

The JCSO has the responsibility to enforce the county noise ordinance; however, the Sheriff was not at the hearing to listen to the comments.

Read it here: 2016 Noise Ordinance

Before the First Reading of the Proposed Jasper County Noise Ordinance  Comm. Trammell said everything suggested would be taken into consideration “and may or may not be changed.”  He limited comments to 15 minutes. 

Here is what citizens that attended the BOC had to say about it.

  1. We still need someone to enforce it. With the “bar” 1 mile away, we can  hear noise inside Shiloh Baptist Church.

  2. Exemption #5, noise from bells or chimes emanating from a place of worship should be removed. We don’t have this happening now before 7AM or after 10PM.  There is no need for the exemption.

  3. This ordinance will not be enforceable because of term “common noise.” I know what common agricultural noises are, but since no common sense has been used to enforce current ordinance, no one will know what “common noise” is.  Lawyers will have a hay day with this.

  4. What does “direct line of sight” mean? Does behind closed doors or behind a fence block the direct line of sight so this can’t be enforced?

  5. The problem now is in AG district, and it is exempt in this ordinance. If the current ordinance can’t be enforced, how can this one be enforced?

  6. Yelling, tires screeching, loud music, come from the bar and we are awakened at 2-3AM. The bar is commercial.  We request you consider removing “common noises” in the ordinance.  With a restaurant and bar there should be clearly outlined decibel levels.  Limit the hours of operation in a residential area, like Chiles or Applebee’s does.

  1. 100′ length should be reviewed and changed.

When the hearing was closed, Comm. Trammell said this will come back next month for a hearing.  He said, “We want to get it right this time.”  If the ordinance is reworked, everything starts over again and there will be another public hearing.  

Don’t hesitate to read the proposed noise ordinance, and submit your suggestions to the BOC and/or Shane Sealy at



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  1. Are They Re-Writing Noise Ordiance Or Merely Adding Loopholes? says:

    What was wrong with the old noise ordinance other than no one in county government, including law enforcement was willing to enforce it? Was it because there were no loopholes in it that allowed friends and associates to violate the law with impunity? Is this why we’ve wasted an entire year putting up with obnoxious out-of town riff-raff disturbing our peace and an unknown amount of tax dollars rewriting loopholes in a law that only needed someone with the guts to enforce it?

    Perhaps it is not a change of ordinance we need, but a change in county employees, starting with the county manager,P&Z director and county attorney?This we can do now.

  2. Good luck on enforcement says:

    I think that not only the people making the noise need to be given a citation but the owner of the property needs to be cited also if the owner allows the noise on his property. I also think that the fines should escalate with each occurrence. Will anyone enforce this? If things remain as they have in this county probably not

  3. SHansen says:

    Having already submitted my opinion of the proposed ordinance to BOC, I also think we need to consider 2 important facts. First, urban sprawl is here which means more people, more noise. Second, from my experience, the people that persist in making noise, even when they KNOW it’s seriously bothering people, just don’t care. They only care when their backs are up against a wall and they are threatened with fines and jail time. The only thing that matters to them is profit. Therefore, the ordinance needs to be strict, uncomplicated, and not worded so that violators’ attorneys can play with it and waste our time and tax dollars even more than they have.

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