September 21, 2016

The following is hidden on the Jasper County BOC website.  We thought we would give you a heads up.



Advanced Disposal will no longer be collecting trash containers that are not Advanced Disposal Containers.

  If only 1 container is being billed onto the property taxes, only 1 Advanced Disposal container will be collected on the day of your pick up. Any other’s will be taken at that time. 

Please place all trash inside of the containers for pickup. 

Additional containers can be added through the Jasper County Commissioner’s Office for an additional charge of $167.00 per year.



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  1. Unacceptable Policy says:

    So let me see if I understand this correctly. Most weeks my trash can has a good amount of trash put in it but not full by no means, perhaps half. A week here and there it will be full. Then there are weeks occasionally when I have family in for the week, or I am doing deep cleaning of closets etc and I have a little more than the can will hold. Those weeks I take a huge can I have in my garage and set it beside the AD can and place the extra bags in it for pickup. Now in order for them to pick that extra garbage up I will have to pay an additional $167 per year or they will leave it sitting there. I think this is outrageous and unacceptable! On average, if you include those two or possibly three weeks in a year, I still have a less than full can each week for pickup. This company and the county morons that are allowing this behavior can kiss my stinking can!!

  2. Erica says:

    our can was taken last monday at time of trash pick up for unknown reasons.. we are not behind nor owe anything and as of time of street placement it was not damaged. I called three times last week asking for a can and have yet to receive one.. we had to keep stinky trash in our home all week for fear if it is put out it will be strowed by stray cats and dogs.. I am furious that we have not received a can yet!

  3. J. Ross Hays says:

    So why exactly do we continue to allow ADS to hold a monopoly over our citizens? I thought they get paid by the household, not the can load. How will they know who has paid the extra? Since it is paid through taxes, one would have to elect to pay more “taxes.” Who in their right mind would agree to that?

    • Jean Williams says:

      I moved here in 2006. They brought out 2 cans and have been emptying the both until 2 weeks ago. If they are going to leave one unemptied, they should have given prior notice. The can has to be a health issue sitting on the side of the roads full of garbage.

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