September 28, 2016


As reported previously, several citizens spoke at the last public hearing about the updated noise ordinance.  Some of the concerns expressed have been incorporated into the update, copied below in its entirety.

There will be another public hearing on the county Noise Ordinance at the BOC meeting held Monday, Oct. 3, 2016 at 6:00PM in the small courtroom upstairs in the courthouse.

Take time to read this ordinance and attend the meeting to voice your approval or concerns, or email the BOC with your comments if you can not attend.

 Sec 18-20

Unlawful noises; exceptions

The following shall be deemed as unlawful acts.

  • For any person to make or cause to be made any noise, music, or mechanical sound that is considered excessive, unnecessary, or unusually loud, or any noise which annoys, disturbs,  injures, or endangers the comfort, repose, health, peace or safety of others by any person that is at a distance of 100 feet or more, from the source, between the hours of 10:00PM and 7:00AM (or at other hours if plainly audible from a distance of 200 feet or more) within the unincorporated limits of the county.  This subsection shall not apply if the noise is being emitted from a location that is zoned as agricultural so long the noise being made is related to agriculture, such as agriculture machinery and animals.
  • For any person or entity to keep an animal or bird which by frequent or continuous noise, disturbs the residents of the area. This subsection shall only apply to a residential district and shall not apply to locations that are properly zoned and/or permitted for the keeping of animals or birds.
  • For any person or entity to create any noise adjacent to any hospital, school, court, or church while in use, which disturbs the patients, employees, students, occupants and/or members thereof, unless the person or entity possesses a permit issued by the county.
  • For the purpose of sound measurement, the measurement of the noise shall be made by the auditory senses and based on a straight line, from the source of the noise. Bass reverberations are included.
  • Any person violating this section shall, upon conviction, be punished by a fine, by imprisonment not exceeding six months, or by a combination of such punishments. Each violation of any provisions of this code or any such ordinance shall constitute a separate offense.

        The following uses and activities shall be exempt from these regulations:

  • Noises of safety signals and warning devices.
  • Noises from any authorized emergency vehicle when responding to an emergency call or situation.
  • Noises from emergency work that is necessary to restore safe public conditions.
  • Domestic power tools, lawn mowers, or agricultural, construction and industrial equipment, when used and operated with a muffler.
  • Firearms being discharged from an established firing range or from any property so long as they are being discharged in accordance with O.C.G.A. 16-11-103.





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  1. Hansen says:

    Who gets the fine? The people having the party or the owner of the party property?Maybe both should be fined. Also, repeat offenders should receive escalating penalties.
    Will all deputies be informed of this ordinance, and will they enforce it without the sufferers screaming for relief?

  2. Gitter Done says:

    Ordinances don’t mean anything if they are not enforced.

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