September 29, 2016

Recently the BOC posted a notice on their website that ADS would only pick up cans with Advance Disposal written on them or with ADS stickers.  Some of us have old “Attaway Waste” cans, and ADS has been picking the trash up in them, too.

However, some residents have bought their own cans and fill them with garbage and set them out for ADS to pick up along with their ADS can.  Some people have two or more ADS cans, but are only paying for one garbage pickup ($167 per year on the tax bill).

ADS or the BOC decided (at some point, but no one knows when) that only one can would be picked up if only one can was being paid for.  Now a problem has arisen because no one knew about the change, and the notice on the county website is not easy to find.  There was really no notice about the change (or enforcement) to the citizens.

The problem is evident–a day after garbage pickup—


















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  1. Commissioners Need To Correct a Wrong says:

    Mr. Fuller, I feel your pain. My wife and I have owned a house in Jasper County for nearly 10 years. We have paid out approx. $1500 in curbside fees and have yet a single sheet of paper collected by ADS. We do not occupy the house and live in another county. Some county officials in the courthouse told us we could be exempt from curbside fees if the house was unoccupied. When we applied we were denied because, according to the ordinance, only houses not connected to power could be exempt.

    Alan Cox was our commissioner and spent many hours correcting this inequity, as well as solving other problems written in the curbside ordinance. Mary Patrick also supported Alan’s revisions. Three board members voted against it.

    This is a classic example of our elected officials not using common sense and serving the needs of individual citizens. The priority of this board is to wring every cent it can from the taxpayers.

    We have tried to get the curbside exemption for years. Below is the latest e-mail response from my commissioner. For him and other commissioners to say people would come out of the woodwork and wrongly be exempted is total BS. It is not rocket science to properly word an exemption to only allow qualified citizens. It is the right thing to do.

    Below is a direct excerpt in response to one of my e-mails trying to get an exemption.

    “Curbside- I told you I would discuss this with the others and if I had support I would try and bring it up for a vote. The feeling was that if we changed the policy that the previous board instituted we would have people coming out of the woodwork to try and get around paying their bill. No support made it a mute point.”

    Doug Luke

    • The Painful Truth Is Jasper County Government Is Owned By Financial Terrorists says:

      The people need to understand that the Commissioners do not work for Jasper County taxpayers. They serve only the well-connected moneyed interests. If Steve Jordan requests more taxpayer money to bailout the floundering management of the Four County Development Authority at Stanton Springs or David Dyer wants to finance a fellow Presbyterian’s business start-up with millions of your taxpayer money, it is a done deal overnight. However, let the taxpayers ask for fair and balanced trash-pick up fees or for a noise ordinance based on common respect for our fellow neighbors and maybe in the far future some attention may come to the issue that is if enough taxpayers get on the case.

      Come November, the taxpayers of District Three have the golden opportunity to shed our County government of one conniving commissioner who is extremely complicit in the ongoing financial rape of Jasper County taxpayers and that would be Gene Trammell Let’s make it happen . Get Gene gone in 2016.

  2. marty fuller says:

    This waste disposal is a sore spot for me anyway. I have one occupied residence but was having to pay for 3 cans because I had 3 electric meters. I chose to remove electrical service on one due to this situation but utilize a well off of the second one so I have to leave it. SO I am paying for 2 cans but only use one…..this is WRONG!!!!

    Secondly when did we start running our trash service for a profit? The commissioners moved a 1/2 mil from waste disposal to the general fund. Why was there an overage, it should be on a cost basis. That is manipulating a service without input from the one’s paying it. Taxation without proper representation!!!!!!!

    Third, it looks like they would learn from the additional landfill fees, (old tires, etc.) that all that will happen is people will discard them on the side of our roadways, particularly dirt roads. Take a ride down any dirt road and you will see tires if not old appliances, sofas, mattresses which then, (if it gets cleaned up) will be at the expense of non offending tax payers.

    A little “COMMON SENSE” goes a long way.

    Have A Great Day!

    Marty Fuller


  3. Where art thou Alan says:

    This is exactly the problem that former Commissioner Alan Cox tried to fix 5 or 6 years ago.

    The proposed plan worked something like this:

    • After the property tax/curbside fee was paid, one would receive a decal to be affixed to the trash can (similar to the tag on a license plate)
    • The decal would be numbered to avoid the sticker or the can to be stolen
    • If a property was in need of 2 or more can, they could pay for additional can and receive additional stickers (e.g. churches, businesses, etc)
    • Advanced Disposal was willing to pay for the production of the stickers

    This idea would have put some accountability in the curbside program.

    Too bad Alan Cox could not get enough support on the commission to get this implemented.

  4. F for failure to execute says:

    I understand what the commissioners/Advanced Disposal tried to implement. The execution of this plan was badly bungled.

    This change should have been discussed during commission meetings and highly publicized prior to implementation.

    Trash haulers use trashcans that can be emptied mechanically. Thus, they provide a can that is in sync with their equipment. Anyone that does not have one of these trash cans should be able to request one at no extra charge.

    Most curbside haulers use these “standard” cans all over Georgia counties.

  5. This is ridiculous says:

    I was under the impression that the fee was the charge for garbage pickup not a trashcan. They provide you with a can as a Courtesy for contracting with their company for garbage pickup. Now we are being fed a crockpot full over overcooked baloney that the fee is for the trashcan and to have another can the fee would be double. I’m sorry BOC, but I think you all have gotten ahold of some bad drugs or something. I also want to see this so called contract. If it is indeed the fee for the garbagecan, then we are paying way too much money for the cans. For the amount we pay they should pickup all of our trash regardless how many cans there are and it should not matter what kind of can it is.

  6. jason says:

    Does anyone have a copy of the contract with ADS? I am interested in the wording. I occasionally use a can from one property (that I own and pay trash fee for) at another property (that I own next door to the other property and pay trash fee for). Under this rule they would take one can…. I’m interested to see what the contract language is regarding this specific issue since they would take one of the cans. All these cans are on the same tract of land and billing under the same property tax bill.

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