BOC MEETING MONDAY NIGHT, OCTOBER 3, 6:00PM–Noise Ordinance & Alcohol License Re-hearing

October 2, 2016

Special Called Meeting Notice

The BOC meeting will be held upstairs in the little courtroom this Monday night.  Two (2) hearings are on the agenda—Noise Ordinance and a Re-hearing for Haystack Wings & Thangs for an alcohol license, but this time only for beer & wine.



for details of the updated noise ordinance.  One big question about this ordinance, WHO IS GOING TO ENFORCE IT.  The current ordinance says, “The Sheriff shall…” however, the new version makes no mention of anyone enforcing it.  We all assume that a law on the books is enforced; however, that has not been the case with the noise ordinance recently.


The following information was sent to all the commissioners and Shane Sealy, P&Z Director.  Based on the code set forth below, alcohol can only be sold by the drink in Jasper County in a restaurant.  Jasper County does not license bars.  The question is, will Haystack Wings & Thangs serve at least one meal per day, 5 days a week, as required?  And if not, will the county allow this activity to continue?


Contained in the Jasper County code is the following: 

The establishment has to be licensed as a restaurant to obtain a liquor pouring license.  Article 1, Sec. 4-5 (e):

Licenses for consumption on premises will only be issued for locations for the operation of a golf course, duly licensed restaurant or lounge in conjunction with a duly licensed hotel.

 According to the Jasper County Code the definition of Restaurant is:

Restaurant means any public place maintained, and held out to the public as a place where meals are served and where meals are actually and regularly served, without sleeping accommodations, and provided with kitchen and dining room facilities with seating capacity for at least 25 people, employing a sufficient number of employees to prepare and serve food for its guests. At least one meal per day must be served at least five days a week, with the exception of holidays, vacations and periods of redecorating, and the serving of such meals shall be the principal business conducted, with the serving of alcoholic beverages to be consumed on the premises only incidental thereto. The sale of alcoholic beverages in a dollar amount exceeding the dollar food sales for any period of 90 consecutive days shall be prima facie evidence that the principal business of a licensee is not that of serving food.

These codes have not been followed in the past, considering there has only been a “weekend bar” on Hwy 142.  Will this establishment follow the law or only be open on weekends as a bar?  Cora’s Bar & Grill only was opened on Friday and Saturday, and usually only Saturday night.  Their alcohol license should have been revoked long before the State came in and revoked it.

Take time to attend this meeting.  Noise may not be affecting you now, but it could in the very near future.  Have your say about it at the meeting—any citizen is allowed to speak on either or both of the two issues.


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3 Responses to BOC MEETING MONDAY NIGHT, OCTOBER 3, 6:00PM–Noise Ordinance & Alcohol License Re-hearing

  1. JJ says:

    Apparently the county government of Jasper County can’t follow the rules either. They are in violations of open meetings and open records. Not to mention they are breaking labor laws in how the EMS employees are being paid. And then there are those former county employees who stole taxpayer dollars. Crooked f#cking county administration.

  2. sick & tired says:

    The people that break these laws have learned that with no enforcement that they can do as they darned well please.

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