October 29, 2016

David Ozburn


When the county attorney is asked a direct question and will not give a definitive answer, there is a problem. 

At the final public hearing on the Noise Ordinance, it was again brought to the BOC’s attention that no fines were in the ordinance

You have to listen to what David Ozburn, county attorney, tells the BOC when he is asked about this.  See if you can follow the rambling, circular answer he gives.

Instead of actually adopting fines as part of the code, Ozburn finally suggests having a policy adopted, which means it will not be enforced.  He says a written policy “followed every time” would work, but admits later that if it is in the code of ordinances—adopted by the BOC—it will have more effect and will be followed.

If the BOC does not adopt the increasing fines and have it in their minutes and in the county code of ordinances (and online on Municode), the fines will never take effect or be followed.  Bets are that if it is in the code, the Magistrate will certainly follow the increasing fine schedule.  It would also ensure that everyone would be treated fairly.

We don’t know if David Ozburn could be any more ineffective and indecisive and confusing.  This is a serious problem, and his lack of real advice to the BOC will result in neutering the new noise ordinance.

The BOC needs to have a penalty/fine section written, have 2 public hearings, and approve it so the Magistrate Judge and the citizens know what the fines will be.

The new noise ordinance is expected to be approved Monday, November 7 at the BOC meeting.



Citizens, be informed and stay informed!  Only by being informed, can the citizens understand what is being done and talked about, and then press our officials to make good decisions for everyone in Jasper County.  That is our goal with the Taxdogs blog.

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  1. Deer in the Headlights says:

    I love the way the wonderful county attorney stares at you when asked a question. Just like a deer in the headlights. In all actuality it’s the entire BOC they just stare at you and hope you go away. I have been wondering did this attorney pass the bar. I have yet to see an intelligent comment from him.

  2. Hansen says:

    Beyond pathetic. Actually mind boggling to sit back and watch this county try to function. Our only hope is in elections and job terminations.

  3. Alan W. Cox says:

    Maybe you can correct me if I am wrong but when did David Ozburn get to be a County Attorney? There was Jim Alexander, who had his own agenda, and his partner James Hardiman who I actually thought did a decent job. This county is definitely headed down the wrong road. Where is Carl Pennamon during all of this? We seldom agreed but he was an intelligent man and I am surprised he is sitting on the curb while the county goes to hell.

    • Whut ? says:

      “We seldom agreed but he was an intelligent man and I am surprised he is sitting on the curb while the county goes to hell.”

      Oh puleeze…you seldom agreed, but he was (past tense?) intelligent .What …was there an accident?
      Sure Pennamon is intelligent in the way any conniving backstabbing con man is. And as far sitting on the curb, it’s just the opposite. Pennamon is eye-brow deep in kicking this county to the curb with his involvement in debt, deceit and collusion with an element of 4 county rogues whose only interest in local government is to use it to enrich themselves at the expense of taxpayers of Jasper County. You really should get a grip.

  4. Incompetence all around says:

    There have been several discussions about fine structure. Apparently, the job of writing a noise ordinance was done only half-assed.

    If you can’t do the job right the first time, you will have to do the job over again.

    The BOC wants to approve a faulty ordinance just so they don’t have to have another two public hearings.

    Again, do the job right the first time! It will save you time and money.

  5. had enough unwanted noise says:

    Get him out and get someone that can do the job .

  6. Just Get It Done Already says:

    For crying out loud, BOC! Why is it so difficult to get one little noise ordinance written in this county? Why do you insist on stalling the process, which is costing the taxpayers way more money than it should? Why do you keep shoveling money in this mumbling circle jerk posing as a County Attorney’s pocket? How much has this simple task cost us in attorney fees already?

    Here’s a solution, you bumbling half-wits. Hire a local attorney. Pay them a one-time fee to write a simple noise ordinance and be done with it? You can’t even get a simple ordinance written and you talk about moving the county FOWARD…phtttt.
    Just get it done already and let’s move on. Is that FORWARD enough for you?

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