November 5, 2016


The BOC has a full plate of issues on the agenda for Monday night, November 7th at 6:00PM.  Even though we asked for the agenda packet, we did not receive it, so details are scarce for each agenda item.

JDA logoComm. Pennamon will give an update on the Joint Development Authority authorizing another $85 Million of bonds for  Shire/Baxalta.  It is amazing that the four counties would issue bonds for a company (Shire) whose profits were $962 million and whose revenues were $3.45 billion for the 3rd Q of 2016 alone.  Somehow Shire can’t borrow $85M??!!  NOTE: The BOC had no say in this transaction; the JDA decided this all by themselves.


     noise The  Jasper County Noise Ordinance will be voted on despite having no fines in the ordinance.  The BOC didn’t want to take time to have another hearing and add the fines into the ordinance, and the attorney gave some circular, incomprehensible advice.  People are predicting this was a huge waste of time and money and will end up not being enforced.  Currently, there are continual week-end events taking place at Bennett Cove (the reason for the push of the noise ordinance) with no citations being issued for an illegal business.


Sheriff Car
Sheriff Pope and the BOC will discuss FY 2017 Budgeted Sheriff Vehicles Purchasing and Financing.  Some members of the BOC want to pay for vehicles, while others seem content to borrow the money.


boc-websiteAfter almost 4 years of talking about a county website, and “bringing us into the 21st century”, the BOC has this issue on the agenda.  Jasper County Website Design, Hosting and Content Management . As stated, we have no information, but the job of a website design could be given to the Technology classes at the schools and be done for free!  Let’s see what these big spenders on the BOC plan to do.


Landfill No Bldg  8.11.16Eleven months after being hit by lightening, the BOC will vote on Landfill Scale House Bids and Quotes.  Back in August TWG questioned how long this would take since there hasn’t been a scale house since January.


The County Manager will discuss Roads,  Bridges, and  EMS. 

Last, of course, the citizens will get to make comments.

Please, take time to get involved in what goes on and how your money is spent in Jasper County.



Citizens, be informed and stay informed!  Only by being informed, can the citizens understand what is being done and talked about, and then press our officials to make good decisions for everyone in Jasper County.  That is our goal with the Taxdogs blog.

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  1. How hard can it be? says:

    Any law ordinance written to stop bad behavior will not stop violators if there is no penalty.

    This shows the complete incompetence of our county commissioners and county attorney.

    It is not rocket science to have an enforceable noise ordinance. They are making this a science project.

  2. Lite a fire under the commissioners says:

    I thought the commissioners voted to have the scale house rebuilt over 5 months ago. I remember Mike Benton talking about a metal building/trailer type structure.

    Why is this taking so long? Does it need congressional approval?

  3. Looking for useful website says:

    The county website can be a useful tool for informing the public.

    The agenda packages could be placed there for everyone to see, prior or meetings.

    I am still looking for the FY15 audit on the website.

  4. Toothless in Monticello says:

    What’s the point of having an ordinance that cannot be enforced because there is no penalty attached to it?

    Habitual offenders will just continue to do what they do and flip the citizens the bird.

  5. Now We See Who The BOC Really Serves says:

    Funny how the Won’t Shoot Straight Gang will ignore taxpayers who beg the County to enforce a simple noise ordinance so they can have peace and quiet inside their own homes , yet let Steve Jordan show up with another multi-million dollar debt package JDA wants passed and they knock each other down to get it done.

    And, that’s the way it is in Jasper County government. The wants of Steve Jordan and David Dyer are rushed to the front of the line, while the taxpayer’s have to grovel and beg to get our wants even noticed

    Coming into the 21rst century is great, but if you are still an incompetent shill for public debt pimps when you arrive, where is the gain?

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