November 7, 2016


Tomorrow is your chance to make a difference by voting.

Locally—District 3 voters will be choosing between—

Gene Trammell –incumbent

J. Ross Hays—challenger

State—All voters have a choice for U.S. Senator—

Allen Buckley-Independent

Jim Barksdale-Democrat

Johnny Isakson-Republican

National—All voters have a choice for President–

Donald Trump—Republican

Hillary Clinton—Democrat

Gary Johnson—Independent

TWG also urges you to Vote NO on all 4 Constitutional amendments on the ballot.



TWG will post the results of the District 3 race as soon as they are available tomorrow night.   Check our Facebook page or the Blog page.



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One Response to VOTE—ELECTION DAY—NOVEMBER 8, 2016

  1. Trammell Catches A Free Ride On The Trump Train says:

    Comrade Gene should thank his lucky hammer and sickle for Donald Trump otherwise so many Jasper County voters wouldn’t have turned out and blindly selected the faux Republican incumbent. But, on the bright side, another term of Trammell may fiscally destroy the county, but at least the country is saved.

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