November 8, 2016

 Election Results


6,075 BALLOTS CAST       79.19% of Registered Voters

District 3—

Gene Trammell     894   67%

J. Ross Hays          450     33%



Donald J. Trump     4353       72.36%

Hillary Clinton         1544        25.66%

Johnson                        119           1.98%


Amendment 1—School take-over

Yes     2106     36%

No      3738     64%

All other amendments, Yes outweighed No votes



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  1. Silver Bullet says:

    Amazing turn out percentage!! That is proof positive the people are paying attention and are sick of the politics in Jasper County! If I was a Commissioner in Jasper, I would be doing what the people want and not what the good ole boys want. Of course Steve Jordan and the JDA are so out of control they are totally a lost cause. They cows are gonna come home to haunt these guys one of these day.s Anybody, even us old dirt farmers can see they are in way over their heads.

  2. We The People says:

    I wish our county government would take a clue from President elect Trump and quit worrying about their own agenda and start working on what the people want. The people want lower taxes and a rural life. Trammell, Pennamon, and Dyer are pushing growth, debt, and congestion on our county daily.

  3. Roll Rural America says:

    Black clouds over the the 3rd district as voters re-elect a loony-toon liberal, but nationally it looks as if the dark clouds will part and the sun will shine on the Republic again #MAGA

  4. Deception & Lies says:

    Who would have believed that district 3 likes higher taxes and more lies. Gene Trammell is a deceiver of the highest order.

  5. Sabrina Smith says:

    Thrilled school amendment is losing!

    Sabrina Smith Sent from my 4G LTE Android device

  6. Sad Day for Jasper County says:

    Gene Trammell is one of the most arrogant commissioners Jasper County has ever had. He will be absolutely unbearable as he pushes his progressive agenda down our throats with higher taxes and more spending.

  7. We Get What We Ask For says:

    Another four years of debt, deceit and incompetency under Gene Trammell. A sad day for Jasper County taxpayers indeed.

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