November 16, 2016

Prop Value Up


At the recent 11/7/16 meeting, Chief Assessor Lynn Bentley gave a 23 minute presentation to the BOC about “why she does what she does.”  It is her job to oversee the property values in this county and to make sure they are correctly valued in uniformity with other similar properties.

The State has guidelines and standards that each county must follow.  Ms. Bentley went over some of these with the commissioners, but it was obvious the information concerning PRD’s and COD’s, sales ratios, means and medians,  the “top number” and “bottom number” was over everyone’s head.

Ms. Bentley addressing the BOC, said, “Why do I do this?  Because I want to raise taxes or have appeals?  No!”  She went on to say that she has to keep raising values to keep the ratio at 40 because the real estate market is moving fast.  The State requires all property to be valued at Fair Market Value (FMV) and the sales ratio to be somewhere between 36 and 40.

Comm. Luke asked, “What does this say to John Q Public?”  Lynn Bentley answered, “Their values are going up again.  This is my job.  They will get a new assessment every year.” 

Comm. Trammell assured everyone that “Jasper County was in the middle” and our taxes weren’t too high compared to surrounding counties.  This is not comforting coming from someone who has not minded raising our taxes 22% over the past 3 years.

Folks, go ahead and start saving now, because your next property assessment notice will be in the mailbox before you know it. 


Citizens, be informed and stay informed!  Only by being informed, can the citizens understand what is being done and talked about, and then press our officials to make good decisions for everyone in Jasper County.  That is our goal with the Taxdogs blog.


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  1. The BOC is the problem says:

    I think TaxDogs reported what happened. What many seem to be missing is Lynn Bentley was warning the BOC that they needed to start thinking about dropping the millage rate. When you have someone like Doug Luke asking what does this mean after sitting on the board for 4 years, there is a real problem. Ms. Bentley obviously has that figured out and will probably have to go to the board again to emphasize the BOC needs to lower the millage rate to prevent taxes from going up. Personally, I don’t think they care because spend and debt are the only words this BOC knows.

  2. Alan W. Cox says:

    Right Shona, try selling your property for what Jasper County is saying it is worth. Lynn is correct in what she is saying. What she is not saying is that the budget (milage rate) sets your taxes not properly value. As long as the BOC spends like crazy taxes go up. If our milage rate (tax rate) goes up much more you will never sell your property. Gene Trammell trys to defend his over spending by saying our tax rate is about the same as the counties around. Gene, that would be Newton, Walton, and Henry. These are all.counties with decent schools, fire departments, street lights, mostly paved roads, and.enough police to give their officers back up on a dark road at midnight.Always check your facts before you put you mouth in gear.

    BOC, for the counties sake please put Carl Pennamon back in as Chairman. At least he knows what he is doing.

    • Riddle MeThis says:

      “Right Shona, try selling your property for what Jasper County is saying it is worth. Lynn is correct in what she is saying.”

      Correct me if I’m am wrong, but isn’t Lynn Bentley the person at the county tax assessor’s office responsible for setting the Fair Market “Value ” (i.e. worth) of county property?

  3. Shona says:

    While this can be spun as a bad thing it can also be seen positively. Even though your taxes may be increaseing slightly, they are doing so because your home values and property values are increasing! This gives people more equity and more return on their investment in their home and property. Don’t get mad at the assessor and say “she is increasing my taxes!” Lobby the BOC to change the rates so your total tax in monies stays the same as last year even though your home values are going up. I think this is a good thing for us homeowners!

    • Jasper County Testing Positive For Tax Increase says:

      For crying a loud, paying higher taxes may be “positive” thing for you, but for the majority of us, it is a negative expense, meaning we are paying more tax-money for less county services. In case, you were not aware, the job of county government is to provide services to the taxpayers in fair trade for tax revenue collected and last I checked the county’s service record, we the taxpayers are getting the stinky end of that stick.

      In addition to things you may not know, the county tax assessor does not determine the resale value of your home. Neither does the county tax assessors’ drive-by valuation of your home qualify as a property appraisal or” accessed value” as a prerequisite for a loan from a mortgage lender. Nor does it determine what value a buyer should have to pay. See, there is this little thing called the free market and in this free market, the buyer is at liberty to walk away from over-valued property without even the cursory, so long sucker.

      To better help you understand how all this works I’ve include the definition of Fair Market Value via
      What is ‘Fair Market Value’
      Fair market value (FMV) is, in its simplest expression, the price that a person reasonable interested in buying a given asset would pay to a person reasonably interested in selling it for the purchase of the asset or asset would fetch in the marketplace.

      That said, Lynn Bentley “does what she does” for a taxpayer funded paycheck, with benefits. The same as other county employees do everyday..They go to work to be paid. Cut the pay and see how long she stays doing “what she does”

      No one denies the State has guidelines that require Mrs. Bentley act in compliance of property tax law or face mandatory penalties. The main problem with “what she does” is that her so-called Fair Market Valuations are comparatively false. In Mrs. Bentley zeal to comply with guidelines she has difficulty understanding and even more explaining, she overly inflates the values of homes according to the sales prices of recently sold properties she specifically chooses for comparison..

      In order to keep her magic ratio at 40, Mrs. Bentley has resorted to increasing the values of property miles apart and costing tens of thousands of dollars less to construct by erroneously claiming they are similar to properties to recently sold and all under the pretense that the law requires it.

      Obviously we cannot know whether the great disparities between property comparisons made by Mrs. Bentley are done on purpose just to make her job performance appear better or that she simply does not know her job and is merely going though the motions at a huge expense to property owners of Jasper County . Either way property owners get hosed..

      Gene Trammell currently has a very long wish list and that wish list contains some very big-ticket taxpayer funded items. Lynn Bentley announcing tax rates will continue to climb is just softening you up for the big tax hit Gene and his boys have you lined up for next year.

      So, my advice to the taxpayers of Jasper County for the next four years is gird you loins, because here it.comes.

  4. No more tax hikes says:

    Comm. Trammell assured everyone that “Jasper County was in the middle” and our taxes weren’t too high compared to surrounding counties.

    We are in the middle of what? Pillage of our hard-earned money?

    He thinks our taxes are not too high compared to surrounding counties. I think he needs to do some research on this rather than just make assumptions.

    Our millage rate is higher than the surrounding counties. We pay higher taxes for comparable assessments. We also don’t seem to get a lot for our tax money.

    Looks like we got four more years of tax hikes coming.

  5. Sign language says:

    One hand is in your pocket while the other hand flips you off.

  6. had enough unwanted noise says:

    They keep going up on taxes. It is about time they give the taxpayers something for their money like a noise ordinance and someone to enforce it.

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