December 13, 2016



Is it possible that the Presidential election was really “hacked” by Russians?  If so, how would they have done it?  I called the Jasper County Registrar’s office to find out how the voting system worked in Jasper County to see if our election results could be hacked.  We have to assume if the Presidential election was hacked, so was the local election.



Here is how the voting process in Jasper County works:

  1. The voting machine is opened, and a memory card is inserted.

  2. Each morning during the early voting and on Election Day, the machine is turned on and the machine number, date, and time are printed out (or displayed).

  3. On election night, a tape of the results for each machine is printed out, the memory card is loaded onto the GEM server, and the results are uploaded to the Georgia Secretary of State office.

  4. The voting machines are locked for 10 days after the election in case of a re-count.  *  There is an automatic recount if the vote between the winner and loser is within 1%    *  No one has ever demanded a recount (such as that in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin) when the margin has been wider, so there was no answer as to who would pay for that or what the procedure would be.

  5.  All the election data stays on the voting machine until there is a new election.  Then the data is cleared, and the machine is programmed with the new ballot.

All the machines in Jasper County are free-standing, which means they are not hooked to each other or to the internet.  According to Carole Norris, Jasper County Registrar, there is no way the machines can be hacked if they are not connected to the internet, and since they are free-standing,  each one would have to be hacked separately. 

However, according to information about Diebold voting machines, someone could put a changed memory card inside of one to “hack” the machine and change the results.  Anyone with a Diebold Access Card could also change the outcome of the election. 

 In Jasper County at least one election official is in the room with the voting machines at all times to guard against someone being able to change the memory card or get access to the machines, and the room is locked at night.

In his blog, Don Cole has made a good point.  He wrote, “The American people did not show up at the polls in record numbers because they were influenced by Russian propaganda.  They showed up because they were sick and tired of the Washington political class inside the bubble of the beltway.” 

The Jasper County election was not hacked by Russians, just like the Presidential election was not hacked by Russians.  Sometimes our candidate doesn’t win, and we can’t believe we lost.  We rely on the integrity and honesty of our election officials to make sure our vote is recorded just like it was cast. 


Citizens, be informed and stay informed!  Only by being informed, can the citizens understand what is being done and talked about, and then press our officials to make good decisions for everyone in Jasper County.  That is our goal with the Taxdogs blog.




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  1. Fake News R Mainstream Media says:

    #FakeNews. It’s what mainstream media does best.

  2. Winston Smith says:

    I think by Russians,the Ministry of Truth mistakenly meant Comrades Barack Obama and Jeh Johnson. An honest mistake, I’m sure.

    “Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp on Wednesday asked President-elect Donald Trump to investigate the Department of Homeland Security’s apparent attempt to hack his office’s computer system. ”

  3. Cheryl Nowetner says:

    You also forgot to mention that tampering with a voting machine gets you a nice 20 year room “3 hots and a cot” at a nice building run by federal employees who carry guns.

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