January 11, 2017



The 1-hour work session on Public Works consisted of putting out bids to have some of the county paved roads milled (ground up) and renting a crack sealing machine.  (More detail to follow in a separate post.) 

Carl Pennamon was voted in to be Chair for one year; Bruce Henry will be Vice-Chair.  Sharon Robinson continues as Clerk.  David Ozburn was appointed as County Attorney and Jim Alexander will be “assistant county attorney.”  Both were present at the meeting.

Paul Kelly was appointed to the P&Z Appeals Board.

The BOC voted to rent a crack sealing machine for $1500 per week

Quotes on a Crew Cab Flatbed were discussed.  This item was NOT put out for bids as required.  Instead, the County Manager and Public Works director solicited quotes on used trucks.   Since the truck was not diesel and had no warranty, the Public Works director was told to look for a similar truck that was diesel.

Magistrate Judge Tim Lam requested that the BOC allow new legislation allowing him to appoint his own clerk for Magistrate Court; however, the BOC voted 4-Ø to allow Dan Jordan to continue as the clerk.  (More detail to follow in a separate post.)


Bethel Church Road Rumble Strips were discussed thoroughly and despite voting in February to leave them as they are, the BOC voted 4-Ø to take up one set of strips on each side of Bethel Church Rd.  (This will be a separate post with video and more detail.)

The County Manager was authorized to meet with the county engineer to draw up specs for grinding and base prep for 1 mile of road.  The specs will be used to solicit bids that will be used as a unit price for all roads to be milled.


Pittman Paving mobilized on Goolsby Rd. on Monday and was to start milling the road and laying down asphalt on Tuesday.   There were puzzled looks from the crowd, as the BOC has always said it has to be 60 degrees and above to pave.  The high temperatures have been in the 40’s.

The new Landfill building has been put in place, and EMC still needs to install the electric.


Citizens, be informed and stay informed!  Only by being informed, can the citizens understand what is being done and talked about, and then press our officials to make good decisions for everyone in Jasper County.  That is our goal with the Taxdogs blog.

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4 Responses to SYNOPSIS OF 1/9/17 BOC MEETING

  1. had enough unwanted noise says:

    Now we have two lawyers maybe the two together can do what one was not able to do like the noise ordinance. I can’t understand how carl was the best choice for chairman.. I also wonder why they voted to keep dan. He should have left long ago.

  2. David M. Sheppard says:

    Yes the PATCH work has begun on Goolsby Road. Afraid this will be just another example of how not to correct the road issue. Road is 8 miles+ in total length and patching 3.1 miles is like putting a Band-Aid on a compound fracture. Going to be interesting to see just how quick additional repairs will be needed as even more pot holes are developing and currently not on the spray painted areas for repair. I guess any repair attempts are certainly welcome though.

  3. Who Knew ? says:

    Jasper County government has so much surplus tax revenue that we now can afford to employ two county lawyers ? My, how our legal problems must have grown.

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