February 4, 2017

The BOC will meet Monday night, Feb. 6 at 6:00PM for their regular meeting.  They will also meet at 5:00PM for a work session on the Personnel Policy.

Audit Report
Early in the meeting, county auditor Mark Hardison CPA, will present the highlights of the 6/30/16 fiscal year.  This will be the THIRD annual audit presentation since Sherry Braley was arrested for theft of county funds.  She has not been tried yet for some unknown reason.


Other items on the agenda:

  • Crew Cab Flatbed Purchase – Public Worksthis started out as something that was going to cost about $25,000.  Now up to $35,000 and more.
  • Jasper County Health Department Board of Directors AppointmentsWiley Jordan and Mike Benton (because Mike has so little to do already?!)
  • EMS Cardiac Monitors Bid Award

  • roundaboutRoundabout on Hwy 16 at 380 and Hwy 83 at 380—The DOT is having the BOC sign agreements that the county will maintain the roundabouts as well as pay for and maintain the lighting at the roundabouts (estimated at $1000 year).  The cost of the roundabout will still be borne by taxpayers through their State taxes, and will cost many times more than stop signs and rumble strips. 
  • Indication of Roundabout Support for Hwy 380 Extension
  • Right of Way Mowing & Maintenance Agreement for Hwy 380 Extension Roundabouts
  • Lighting Agreements for Hwy 380 Extension Roundabouts 
  • 2017 LMIG Project Bid Preparation2 1/2 miles of Post Road from Smith Brock Rd. toward town
  • Road Milling and Base Prep Bid Specifications

  • FY 2018 Budget Calendar

  • 2nd Quarter FY2017 Financial Review

The County Manager will have several topics to discuss—which can be anything and everything—Roads, Bridges, SPLOST, etc. etc.

THEN about 2 or 2 1/2 hours later the citizens will be allowed to speak for 3 minutes.  You can tell that this BOC really wants to hear what citizens have to say.

We urge you to attend all BOC meetings so you know how the BOC will be spending your money.  As you can see, every meeting is about spending money.


Citizens, be informed and stay informed!  Only by being informed, can the citizens understand what is being done and talked about, and then press our officials to make good decisions for everyone in Jasper County.  That is our goal with the Taxdogs blog.

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  1. Who is protecting who? says:

    Who is protecting sherry Braley that she is still not prosecuted? Is it because Trammell had decided that insurance would pay it, it didn’t matter? Something is very wrong here. What is going on and why doesn’t theft of county money matter?

  2. Dumb and Dumber says:

    Why is DOT so hip on roundabouts? The cost of two stop signs or four stop signs and a few rumble strips or stop ahead signs are tremendously cheaper.

  3. Roundabouts Why Now? says:

    Will it be a $1000.00 a year per roundabout cost to the count taxpayers or for all built in the future?
    There’s a lot of truth in the old cliche “nickel and dimed to death.”.
    The first rule in saving money is to not spend it. It’s a simple,yet ingenious rule and guaranteed to work.So why does Jasper County need to pay the state to maintain something the state wants?

    If the state desires roundabouts,at 4 way stops on all state highways ,then let the state assume all the costs,including future maintenance.Jasper County has gotten along fine for over two centuries without roundabouts, so why do we need them now?

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